you ever wondered what interior
design is all about? It’s much more than
what you see on TV. An interior design project
can be simple or complex, take a few hours of work
or up to a year or more. A project can be as small as
a one room cabin or as large as a cruise ship. Regardless, interior design
follows a consistent process. Here’s how it works,
a client wants to open a salon that
resonates with nature. Programming is completed
through conversations between the designer and client,
site visits, and research. The schematic
design phase follows with concept development,
sketches, space planning to address building codes and
accessibility, and furniture fabric and finish selection. The design development
phase as shown through finalized
presentation graphics. Contract documents required
technical drawings, along with product
specifications and contracts
between the parties. Finally, contract
administration involves construction, purchasing
products, and installation. What’s the result? The salon’s clientele have
a renewing experience, the employees have a
satisfying work environment, and the owner is happy
with her good investment. You can see interior
design is not simply fluffing pillows or even
choosing color and fabrics. It’s project management that
requires creativity, research, thought, and communication and
everyday interior designers inspire and enrich our
lives through the creation of functional and
beautiful interior spaces. [MUSIC PLAYING]

How does interior design work? | Meredith Minute

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