you wanna insert vertical and horizontal
construction lines quickly in AutoCAD? keep watching! hi, welcome to a new video on “Create a
new AutoCAD command” AutoCAD has 2 commands to draw lines that can work as
construction references for drawings ray command, which create a linear object
that starts at a point and continuous to infinity. and xline command, which
create a construction line of infinite length. however, if you want to work
faster, then you need to upgrade these commands. so, let’s create your custom
AutoCAD commands, to start type CUI and press Enter this will bring up AutoCAD
customize user interface. to create a new command in AutoCAD, duplicate any
existing command, rename it, and change its macro.
let’s quickly explain this AutoCAD macro. first, you use CC to cancel any AutoCAD
running commands. second, you’ll start the command line version of layer command.
you will type in set following by AutoCAD construction line layer.
feel free to format your macro with your layer now, apply Xline command.
finally, type in HOR or H O R to draw horizontal construction line. now, go
ahead and create icon for you new AutoCAD command … time to create your AutoCAD XLINE
vertical command … now to use your new construction line
commands, add them to your AutoCAD quick access panel … I prefer to have them in my AutoCAD
ribbon, so I’ll add them. … time to test your new AutoCAD xline
vertical and horizontal commands … if you’re serious about saving time in
AutoCAD, don’t forget to grab your 5 automatic commands, while they are still
available. You grab them at the link below this video!

How to Draw Construction Lines in Autocad | Xline & Ray Command in Autocad

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