Google Earth should be seen as a
professional tool for architects engineers among others. it can be used to
explore hundreds of 3d buildings measured distances and more. being this
program free today, let’s take a look at three awesome things that you can do in
Google Earth. the first thing that you can do in Google Earth is quick
concept models. to do this, simply hit add polygons, then you can create your
building shape by clicking points now, click altitude, select relative to
ground, and add your desire building heights finally check on extend sides to
ground. this way you can explore an architectural quick conceptual model. the
great thing is, we can save this image for further editing. … the second thing that you can do in
Google Earth is get any data. for instance, to get streets and sidewalk
width simply hit tools, ruler, and select your desire units. now click two points
to get your distance. to remove it simply click clear. apply the same procedure to
measure buildings. to get area data from Google Earth, click
on polygon, surround your area shape by clicking points. now you can see your
site area in your desire units. the third thing you can do in Google
Earth is get building heights. you can do this by going to tools, ruler and 3d
path. now, click on building base once, finally click on top of the building. alternatively, hover at the floor level
and check the elevation numbers. then, take a look at the top of your building
and again check the elevation numbers. now, take a calculator and do the math. if you got helped today, you help, share!

How to Use Google Earth For Architecture – Google Earth Pro Tips

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