My name is Ian Bell and I am third year graphic
design student at Curtin University. I find the course really useful. It’s really
opened my eyes to ways I can interface with other disciplines outside of the graphics
area. My favourite aspect of the course has to be
photography – I just love it and the facilities here have been really good at letting me learn
and explore photography and the potentials that it can lead to. What I like about the staff is the fact that
they have got so much world knowledge. They don’t just bring a textbook to the class – they
bring real examples and tips and things that they found on the job, working in the industry
and to us from a starting out standpoint, it is great. The design course itself isn’t just graphics,
there is advertising, illustration, photography, all these other majors which when you put
them together really gives a broad understanding of what is potential in the creative world
and I feel that that side of design is being considered more and more an essential part
of businesses and just having that understanding that’s provided by Curtin University means
it is really a good place to be.

Ian: Studying Graphic Design at Curtin University
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  • March 1, 2018 at 2:21 am

    What majors did you choose?


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