I’m Anna Harris, the new vision implementation
coordinator for Conserving the Future: Wildlife Refuges and the next generation. Coming from
the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, where I analyzed trends in fishing, hunting
and wildlife-related recreation and I can tell you, now is the time for action. We need
a new approach to get more Americans excited about wildlife refuges and more hunters, anglers
and wildlife photographers outside, enjoying our public lands. The Refuge System has stepped
up to this challenge; developing a vision of conservation success for the next decade. I’m excited to be a part of the momentum;
helping to make this vision become a reality for the Refuge System. The nine implementation teams are formed and
have drafted work plans for all 24 recommendations in the vision document. These work plans are
blueprints for the teams. They provide details on major actions of implementation and are
a great resource for our conservation partners and Friends groups. Transparency and open
communication are critical during implementation and I encourage all of you to visit Americaswildlife.org
to learn more about the recommendations, submit your ideas and help us broaden our conservation
constituency. Hi, I’m Cynthia Martinez, the Deputy chief
of the National Wildlife Refuge System. And I wanted to give you an update on where we
are today with implementing Conserving the Future: Wildlife Refuges and the Next Generation. The conference was in July, it was in October
that we finalized the document and it was available online. We published the document,
we printed it, we sent it out to folks to see it as early as November, and had our mass
mailing in January. We are moving quickly into implementation, and it’s incredibly
exciting. The implementation plan calls for quarterly
reports, those will be posted online at AmericasWildlife.org. It also calls for the implementation teams
to put together work plans. It needs to identify the deliverables. What are we going to do
with implementation? We are going to continue to utilize AmericasWildlife.org
in implementation. It’s going to be the best way for people to stay informed and for
people to be able to tell us what they’re thinking about for implementation, what are
their ideas?

Implementation of the Vision
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