Circus was founded in 2005 we were
found in Mexico City and then we have started new offices now we have eight
offices across the world and we are around 250 people and the story behind
the name of Circus is that it was found as this big tent where people can
develop their talent as in a circus so we are these misfits that doesn’t fit in
traditional places that we found our place in in circus to develop our
special talent wherever it is okay yeah we have the different
departments that work together to create our products we not only are a digital
production company we are an agency so our claim is emotions driven by data and
it’s because we are data oriented agency so we have a big hub for data and for
planning which are the first step of our process in our methodology and then the
creative the production teams get involved in in the process so our
deliveries are always based on data okay we we actually come from ideas and
strategy so it doesn’t matter the delivery we can have websites
application experiencial content we do a lot of social media in Latin America but
it always come from the idea in if it fits on any format any platform we do
that okay yeah with Netflix we had been working for about six years and I think
this product cocaine routes was like the best example on this collaboration
because we have a client that is always involved in the process and they are a
new economy client so it’s like a startup they are technology company and
we have this synergy and big partnership to always be part of these they are not
like ok agency do this they are like ok this is our project you are our partners
so let’s work on this and with that we other clients that we work with our uber
Spotify Google Twitter which are also technology companies so it’s really have
this startup mindset to be in the things and and create always these products and
were or whatever we do okay well I think it’s moving to create
experiences to have something memorable for the users because if we want to to
win in this attention economy where everybody wants to get attention from
users we have to build something that is experience and keeps something for them
so doesn’t matter whatever it comes from what’s the technology we have to always
think about experiences okay we are now in a process to to work
with new clients that are not that involving in digital technologies as the
other tech companies we work with for example we work with the supermarket in
California which is called north gate and they they are on a digital
transformation process so we are starting this consulting face and
telling them how to transform their business to to this this new age where
where they have to to be an own internet and web or start using technology to get
to their users so I think our challenge is that to to grow in in the consulting
phase and do the other transformation for our clients well it was huge on the agency yeah we
were like oh my god we got it all the process to be this was really amazing
with our client with the team we were really happy we love what we get in it
was funny because we won sight of the day the day that the series were
launched so it was like the best the best the best considering that we got in
the client and those were really happy that narcos Mexico we’re out the same
day that we were site of the day so it was great for for everyone

Interview | Carlos Tejeda from Circus | A Data Orientated Design Agency
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