Hi I’m Warren and I’m going to take you through
a job interview for a construction supervisor. I’ll ask some common interview questions. I suggest you pause the video
at the end of each question and then think about how you’d anwser it. Say your answers out loud and practice how it would be in a real interview. You can even record yourself
on your phone or your webcam so you can watch it back and learn
where you can improve on your answer. I’ll finish up with giving you some tips on what you’d would expect to hear
in a successful interview. Let’s get started. Tell me about the last time you overseen
the work of somebody else, how you motivated, developed,
and directed the worker. Share an experience of your diligence of inspecting structures and equipment has helped you
identify a problem. What is the most challenging part of
budgeting for you? Provide an example of when you set expectations
and monitor the performance of the subordinates. What guidance and directions
did you find most effective? Provide an example of when you successfully
organised a diverse group of people to achieve a task. Share an experience you had with dealing with
a difficult person and how you handled the situation. Share an experience when you applied
new technology or information to do a job and how did it help the company or the project? Share an effective method you have used to ensure the
construction sites are safe and the specifications are met. Tell me how you organise, plan
and prioritise your work Do you have any questions for me? When attending an interview, make sure you have your white card,
your first aid cirtificate and all the relavent documentation for
what you’ve achieved throughout your training. It’s important that you show you’re deligent,
and knowledgeable in OH and S. Qaulifications and confidence would make
a interviewee stand out for good reasons. It’s really important that you do a bit of research
on the company you’re applying for and the type of work that they do. It’s important also to know
if you are interviewing with somebody you know, it is a job interview.
It’s not just two mates catching up. When given a specific example of
a question asked, you want to make sure it doesn’t come a cross
as an excuse, as ‘I haven’t completed a task because of…’. Employers want to make sure that
you’re confident enough to perform a task, be given a role and complete that. It’s also important to show that you can work
in a team environment such as construction.

Interview Practice | Construction Foreman

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