So Blueprint Income is creating the pension
of the future – and maybe to rewind a bit to explain why that’s important. So, as recent as 1980, half of Americans had
pensions. And that meant that their employers supported
their retirement with a monthly check that continued no matter what happened in the market,
no matter how long they lived. Which made a retirement kind of easy, you
lived just the same way you did pre-retirement. But over the past 30 or so years, we’ve seen
a decline in pensions, and a replacement of them with the 401k – which, it’s wonderful
that employers are still supporting their employees’ retirement, but they’re doing so
in a very different way now. They’re just simply giving them money to put
in the market, to then figure out how use in retirement. Sure. And it’s hard. It’s really hard – imagine, you know, trying
to save money for an unknown period of time when you don’t know what that – what’s going
to happen with your money in the market over that period of time. That’s a really big challenge and what we’re
trying to do is both rewind a bit to go back to a system that we thought worked well, but
make modifications to that system so that fits in with the modern worker. So, it’s like the old system in that instead
of having money that’s exposed to the market, you are getting a pay check and that continues
no matter how long you live, and no matter what happens in the market. Yeah. But, we’re changing some things. So this pension that we have doesn’t actually
depend on your employer to support it. It’s available to anyone, freelancers, or
people who have a traditional plan with their employer, and the guarantee instead of being
provided by your employer is provided by insurance companies in the form of annuities. Okay. As a result, it’s portable, you can take it
from job to job, it doesn’t require you to stay with one employer for your entire career. So that’s what we do – we create, we structure
and create retirement plans for people that are fully guaranteed.

Introducing Blueprint Income – Lauren Minches, VP Product & Actuarial
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