We have a terrific construction team, SKANSKA, who is very interested in what we need in the building, And want to make this a building that works really, well for us. So the original building was the 80s and the 60s portion of the building. There was hazardous abatement that had to be completed removal, Asbestos, lead, but after that was completed then we had to demolish the entire building, and then the north end of the site had to dig it out for the basement, and then after that we dug out the foundations, and put concrete in. After that was complete we poured the basement walls, waterproofed them, and then started the structural steel. We also completed some site utilities, including the storm system and the sewer system. From here the structural steel has to be complete, then you have to really start with the first finishes, on the outside first, which is precast, once the precast is completed it allows you to start the stonework–the typical bluestone that you see on campus–and then we have metal panels to match the student success center, and then EFIS, which is going to match the performing arts, and then obviously windows. That allows you to work on the inside doing the overhead services, for like plumbing mechanical, electrical, and then we come and do the walls. Drywall, painting, and then all finishes; carpets, ceilings, etc. The total project duration is 28 months. We will be complete on June 30th, and they’ll be then about two months of move in and so be ready for fall of 2016.

JMU CHBS Building: Construction Plan

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