JOSE: My name is Jose. I am the Foreign Service Construction Engineer. I am from Nicaragua and I started working
at OBO in Nicaragua. From that point,
I moved on to Port-au-Prince, Haiti
then Tijuana. Then, I joined the Foreign Service
and came to Washington. I used to be a consultant
for mechanical supervision – mechanical services. Mechanical engineering
has many fields from industrial manufacturing,
but my specialty is in construction. And that deals with
the air conditioning systems, waste water treatment systems
and fire pumps and others. I was inspired
– when I got involved in Foreign Service
construction engineering, I noticed how things
were being done right; the degree of the detail
of our specifications, our drawings, and just the
infrastructure as a whole – it was inspiring for me to work in
such a professional organization. Right now
I am a construction manager. And the construction manager
oversees the construction scheduling, monitor that the project
is moving on schedule. I also approve project
– the progress payments. So for example, if someone says
“I’ve built a wall,” it’s time for us
to pay the contractor. And we oversee
safety and quality control. We basically show up
to a field that has – it’s just dirt. A lot of times – what we found
right now in Nouakchott, it was a swampland,
and eventually we had a task that in two years we had to build
a state-of-the-art facility. It’s the greatest challenge. However, it’s the biggest reward
when you see someone move into a safe facility. We are building the infrastructure
for diplomacy to take place and the systems we are building
– for example, we have a lot of environmentally friendly
wind turbine. In my project we have
portable tanks, renewable energies for – and also we try to restore
and reuse our water systems. The contract is very
– it’s very good; well done. A lot of good specs
– specifications and good drawings. It’s not a difficult place.
It is challenging. There’s a lot of work,
but at the same time when you step back and you see
the results of your work, it just makes you
want to start doing it again. And…it’s just something
you’re just very proud of.

Jose, Foreign Service Specialist, Construction Engineer

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  • December 2, 2015 at 11:29 pm

    seems like a cool gig


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