(soft music) – This is awesome. – This is incredible kindergarten
class is so creative. They knew exactly what they wanted at the beginning of the year when I joined the Design
for Learning cohort. – Fish. – The science center. – The loft. – So I could explore things. – [Julia] Little by
little, we were able to do all of the things they wanted. – We got the hot tubs. We got the bike. – Paintings on the wall,
which we’re doing today. – As a class we decided
we were gonna kind of tackle those things together. Which, culminated with a
collaboration with the high school. – So then they feel like they
have a belonging in the room and I think that’s really important to encourage creativity. – We’re gonna make
paintings for the window. – I’m in National Honors Art Society and one of my projects, we are making a mural for
this kindergarten classroom. – Green Bay Packers. – [Alice] A lot of the kids
painted flowers and a lot of outdoors, a lot of abstract. – Colorful. – It welcomed people outside. – This really is the grand
slam for the children because we are using
collaboration from the Minnetonka Frameworks, we’re
using Design for Learning and the children are driving
their actual learning, and become so excited about
what they’re able to do. You said you wanted to be able to move. And you said maybe we could get a bike. Someone had a bike at home
that they didn’t use anymore that belonged to a video game. So, it came to school. Then you said you wanted
to get the tables lower. Did you get the tables lowered? – Yes. – Yes, you did that. Someone didn’t need a
pillow so it came to school. And so the only thing in our
design for learning class that cost any money were our hot tubs. Any time that we include the students, and what they want for their learning, incorporate that into the framework, it becomes this amazing piece of learning that the children really can grown from.

Kindergarten Design for Learning
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