Let’s Play Dicey Dungeons – Part 2
hello everybody and welcome back to more
dicey dungeons we’re gonna try out the second character here that we unlocked
well I’m quite a fan I’m quite a fan of the thief I’m not here to make friends
I’m here to win everyone else is too of course they’re just lying about it so
let’s pop on it I love the little shifty animation and the X’s for teeth that we
got going on there but here we are put your hands together for the next
hapless or hopeful with a challenger it’s got big hopes big dreams and he
signed a legally binding agreement not to sue us it’s the thief wait you meant
that dice thing literally I mean everything literally so tell me thief
what brings you to my arena of terrible fate okay dice good right well my
friends don’t seem to be taking this seriously but I am and I’m gonna win a
billion dollars hmm then what do you do with the money of you win anything I
want for the rest of my life well fortune favors the bold at least that’s
what people who haven’t met me here sometimes believe let’s get started so
who the robobot is back in the game let’s pop on over here to this line
though first so the thief does not have the special roll lets us read roll the
die if we don’t like we got however we do get to steal it randomly steals one
of their moves every single turn which is pretty crazy and instead of fury to
double our attacks we roll four ones which can be valuable with the dagger
right here we can get good value out of that so I kind of want to do something
right like yeah it’s strong against poison so I guess it doesn’t make a lot
of sense to poison him because the two just do 1 damage
but I don’t know good so the logical thing to do would be to do that and hope
that we yeah okay well to do that and hope that we got ourselves and like a
four into two or two threes would be the optimal there so gonna get super freakin
poison so poison is really really rough in this game so we can split that into
two I think it’s due a whopping Oh baby three damage boys is really scary
because it does persist you know you see that so we do we’ll take five damage and
stacks up and then it takes down one so this is actually quite a problem and I’d
say it’s worth using our unlucky roll so we don’t take another hit from the
poison because to take another four add it onto that would be pretty rough at
the eight eight damage not great not great already a rough start I do think
that the thief has a little bit of a rougher start than some of the other
characters here got peashooter countdown one does put five in through to damages
you know well maybe have uses for it minimum three do three damage
okay well that’s you know it has a use but a Bing badda boom has a use good
steel what do you have yeah it’s just the Raygun
ouch okay I mean if odds are like super against us then we would die next turn
if we don’t got lethal but we do got lethal we would definitely even if we
didn’t steal a thing we’d be able to use our other thing just fine we’ve been
able to use our uh be sure so got an extra dime let’s pop on over to the next
floor here but you guys I’ve seen before I think that fighting the Dryad makes
the most sense we unlock the path that has the two apples in it just to give
our subs options okay add for poison she’s strong against
poison a lot of the enemies that do poison are also strong against it so
stealing from him yeah put that there for now that will stay so you know it’s
it’s useful still so all we need to do is put a one in there me to damage this
is gonna oh this is gonna hurt ooh this is gonna hurt this fight is
gonna be very challenging here I say this is worth it and then we can
literally just get value free value right there the good thing is the dagger
is reusable so in situations where we roll a lot of dice like that it can just
use all of them as long as that are under that certain amount that heal is
oh this is disgusting we need lethal we need Letha okay I wish we got a six I’ll be real thank you
okay so it’s a really good thing we went for the path with the apples because if
we went over here and we took like any damage that would have been a disaster
so the question here is do we want to fight another enemy right now with 14
health and save this for after we level up because we will level up for fighting
one of them basically it’s like do I want to take the chance I kind of do who
I want it all right all right let’s take the chance this may be very very dumb
okay born there three damage freeze a diver you might as well do that
he turns one of his dice into a one oh he has two dice Oh yikes okay ooh ooh that helps that helps it
saves us to damage I think you know what I think we got this I think we got this
fine boom-boom-boom breeze one of the die
hopefully rose oh hell yeah hell yeah yes we would we saved herself from death
we may still be screwed I don’t think I got lead though okay we’re fine we’re
fine oh that was we such a risky maneuver but we’re fine no matter what
here worse comes to worse we would just use
our unlucky roll but yeah we are dancing with the devil there that’s for sure but
we put ourselves we took the risk of end so that we don’t have to take the risk
later so here the crowbar is that poison
needles you know fun and good because poison is fun and good like I was
talking about before but the crowbar we’re gonna pick that up for later I
mean we’ll bring it but there’s no reason to use it right now but the
crowbar can be outrageously opie we may put just end up putting in our backpack
for a bit but we’ll see we’ll see counterfeit is very good
the alien crystal you’ve talked about being just a nice safe bet I think what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna fight the baby squid open up this chest and work
from there okay I mean split dice Oh dice Oh Oh what do I done what have I
done what have I done what do I done what have I done I made a mistake I did
something bad that’s my fault that’s I mean I probably
shouldn’t be able to put it there if or at least it should take precedence over
the enemy moves but still that is that is alright what to do here
now with that in mind it’s a bit the bag did I bungled it in mind I guess we just
do this right like do we don’t want to unlucky roll I guess so we’ll take
damage and just get a nice do an extra 5 damage no it’s not that exciting not
that exciting ooh good deal whatever man – good deal
very very straightforward so far so far good deal we’ll take it don’t know what
it is we can find out if it’s okay it’s more than a three though the dad let’s
put this dying to I mean see ok crowbar this is what it
does look at it bada bing bada boom just for reference but the thing is you can
get a lot of items and have it so you you’re basically counting them all down
at the same exact time which can be a lot of value bump it’s pretty you know
sure since we don’t have anything in our inventory they would take up the slot
otherwise you might as well but I’m kind of considering counterfeit
I think that can be a good good deal so we will get rid of lock crowbar for now
we may take it back later when you know it makes more sense all right with Costa
here wizard can be really fun to fight is the thief we can steal some of his
stuff what do you got man one unfortunately we don’t have that
right now give me a one in a toll hell yeah
freeze both is dying fortunately that doesn’t mean he’s gets to do to free
spouse well but you know who cares you don’t really actually want a bump we got
a really really solid first turn there that’s pretty crazy freeze to time give
me another give me that freeze I’ll take it at this point all right split it
dying oh you know what vitamin about a boom so if we can do four damage which
we can in fact we gotta wait so what am I talking about we could have also just
done for damage and when the matter because he couldn’t use his attacks
otherwise he would take two damage from the burn stupendous delightful I look
forward to fighting you and many more times in our eternity together a deal so
what do we want to upgrade probably probably the crowbar honestly but we
will we’ll leave that there we’re not in a rush to do it right now
well we’ll clear out the floor and see if we get any other countdown items for
now okay I shoot hey let’s do that do that it’s not the
smoothest not the smoothest we probably shouldn’t have even put that one in
there we should just save it for if we were gonna get it garbage garbage roll
Wow okay give me another Rock hell yeah just
let you give me three oh okay okay okay that’s fine
duplicate that one need to be a bleep but let’s check where are we at what are
we at for damage so if we did maybe two two damage and then okay we would do six
damage it’s not worth it let’s just wait we’ll take this hit
which I don’t want to do but who wants to take any hit really especially from a
guy looking like that hit him with his own rock hoist him by his own petard
as they say get something else to choose from nope
all right but we love about good deal last stand survive the next fatal blow
does not stack today we go that’s already working towards having a good
crowbar build peashooters not amazing but when you get it with you know get
Waco bar that’s dad you know that’s something it’s reusable as well so if
you just crowbar you upgrade it so you can put in a bunch of stuff because if
you didn’t see the upgrade makes it so you can keep on keep on putting all your
dice in there which is as crazy as it sounds let’s clear the whole floor go to
the store door the door you know do you get all the implement information we can
for now information you know what that’s a lot of damage
might as well burn even though he’s a fire boy we’ll do the same thing we’ll
get a little bit of damage op and you know what we might as well on monkey
roll get five damage out at this point because we’re probably gonna take a hit
or so here it’s ready in 12 HP we’re probably gonna take we’re only gonna
take two damage more if we want to burn ourselves BAM
that’s pretty smooth instead of doing the burn on ourselves
all right we might have to take the damage if we nope we don’t have to take
the damage all right well maybe done lucky roll wasn’t necessary but we
wouldn’t mad lethal mayor for whatever that’s worth
roll two ones heal eight health once how much do I care about that alright let’s let’s think okay so
counterfeit would be great peashooter I it’s just not enough damage
we’d have to go with the loot yeah you know it’s fine let’s take a look here I
don’t know if it was roll two sixes I feel like that’d be another story the
one that’s like it’s it costs 10 10 pips well he’ll have extra help we just get a
flaunt on him a bit who the hell are you moon Rhino rhino beetle I’m a frightened
I’m a frightened okay so we kind of just want to do this right
also wait so we can just continue to reduce all
these countdowns wheel even keel by that which you know
who cares I get for now by the banging bada-boom but maybe doesn’t look crazy
yet but we can get other attacks like that the fire staff that we had last
time for example ooh I don’t like that ok ok ok ok ok
duplicate that I would say I kind of want to do want to burn we do this and
then a 1 we are gonna be able to get the first-aid kit I do believe it’s worth
taking the two hits I guess right it’s NACA dad for the okay weird weird
weird weird turn and if we’re feeling really scared then
we can always pop on the last stand and pretty thinking we’re gonna die to a
fight and get some extra value out that way okay okay okay all right
we have lethal you do if we do that you know what sure I’ll do it I’ll do it
do that pop down you can even throw another one in there and get away with
it too we will take the two damage but it’s ok we feel great it’s worth it it’s
worth it healing for eight to take to whatever who cares it’s basic map basic
math we do have to kill both of these so there’s no reason not to heal ourselves
right now unless we add a for poison there’s a thought next equipment has +1
use this turn that’s cute that’s cute we could do it with what will we do it with
poison slingshot I guess I don’t dodge next attack I’m quite frankly we have a
lot of defensive tools already though double the poison interesting
interesting see but I don’t know if this guy is
immune what I don’t know this guy I feel like he’s not I feel like he’s not if he is will leave
immediately if he is will try to flee immediately rather doesn’t say anything
okay so we should be good max for do two times that damage I mean that’s a good
deal Bob gimmick that’s I’d say we should
just reduce that directly and then do that because we can leave that at one
for ourselves for next turn because if we’re probably gonna take a wallop in
here okay do five damage lock one die Oh X okay
well we’re gonna be doing a pretty big wallet in here so we can double the poison pretty
easily but less okay let’s do that that first and then we want to do this but
before we double the poison now we want to – I wish we could have done that one
but there we go no he’s got 14 damage just like that boom and then it goes to
13 damage next turn that we don’t have to do anything for this build is feisty
the feisty freaking build man I mean we got lethal in a couple ways but is there
a cute way we can do lead can we kill him with cuteness okay if we put all three of these in
we’ll do an extra four poisons which is 17 2 times 2 okay so this would also end
up giving us we could get a heal is it worth the heal it’s probably worth the
heal right 8 hell it’s pretty big deal bye-bye nice try
cool enemy there I like him I’d be dead didn’t see him for very long because the
tumult is bottom you trade your dagger for her but uh sure
this is all that was a bad idea that was such a bad idea wasn’t it because what
if Oh No what have we run into something you
doesn’t care about poison okay okay okay just to be crazy I need to I need
to so this guy can freeze us putting our dice down to one which is gonna be a
problem to that we want to do with damage and
freeze we actually don’t really we don’t really want him frozen because that
guarantees guarantees a priest actually you know what a freeze would’ve been
good there in the end apparently okay I mean I like that
we will freeze freezing in there oh we turn oh we turn to six into a one
didn’t we we did ourselves dirty a bit huh all right
uh-oh oh this is continually a problem huh one two three four five six seven
eight where are we gonna die well we get him next turn
please roll a five and no sixes good we saved ourselves for damage there
in fact we saved ourself not from lethal I mean we’re gonna heal after this
otherwise I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t have taken such a bold experiment oh man
that was really a it’s pretty hard pretty hard counter pretty hard counter
what he did they’re making us roll ones is pretty bad pretty problematic split
Dyson three set on ice two blank that could be amazing but I’m gonna actually
upgrade something smaller counterfeits not a bad idea so then we could put in
first-aid kit bump wouldn’t be bad either for like
worst case scenario I think kind of just doing that it seems like a good idea
you can have a healing there that way and we’ll pop all the way back here cuz
I forgot what was in here dodj next attack this equipment has +1
in use I mean that could be good that could be good with poison slingshot
especially if we up would have upgraded it that could have been good I think I’m
out I mean like we still could have done it cowboy
dire wolf is immune to poison or strong the poison I should say so we probably
shouldn’t fight with poison so what the hell do you do mr. cowboy I love this
enemy oh he’s got six shooter oh he’s got six shooter as a frightening them
today just six shoot his bottom right surely so wait can we go add poison
right now with if we did this what is this add up to we got mad that’s hard
okay this well all right we’ll do that we’ll do that slap now we don’t want
well that way we don’t waste our heal as well interesting enemy interesting gonna take
a bit of a wallop in but we’re gonna be able to heal it oh man oh man who needs
an unlucky roll one two three boy hey seven Oh next turn you’re screwed my
friend next turn you’re screwed what’s the order of operations huh yikes just to make sure yikes man oh I feel a
little bad no point in – really whatever he’s dead that’s a that’s a dead cowboy
right there good fun high roller I’ll cook your
goose next time don’t you worry I love that enemy design oh my god all right dire wolf I’m actually like
terrified of level up in 13 so that’s okay wait what it might do it might is my man throng
are we this is only 12 wait wait a minute no that’s 13 math is very wrong all
right so then we definitely want to do this right a way we could skip the wolf
let’s you know like let’s just go skin’ siddur skipping the wolf you don’t have
to fight everybody ooh ooh oh you’ve made a grave mistake my friend by having
a fire move that I can throw right back in your face and 60 poison he’s down to
12 damage and he didn’t even get him do a darn thing however you did smack us
pretty hard anyways so he’s dead like can’t help but notice but he’s a he’s
freaking dead man okay unlucky roll honestly unlucky roll is
probably worth less than our health right now which is sad but unlucky roll
normally does work really well with the the deep is a lot of has a lot of cards
that are good with just like ones but we roll two sixes nowadays and ID Bank
sucker instead of counterfeit per chance let me let me let me let me
take a look at this for a second what does this lower it – hell yeah all right
I mean that’s great fight the paper night we’ll see where we’re at I’m
thinking we might actually end up skipping that oh god help me if we are
if we won boss it’s immune to poison debt ooh oh this is amazing oh it’s
amazing man oh okay so we’re gonna take nine damage that’s just how things go
here in the wild wild west do nine damage they’re fine for him who are you
or we could just kill that’s the thing like we could actually just kill oh my
god 76 damage oh my god we can I I’m a bad
boy I want to fight the freaking wolf whoo
this is a bad idea I shouldn’t fight him when my entire bill is poison but I
think that I just want to show up how terrifyingly strong are our buildings I
just wanna flex on want to flex on this non-playable character okay there’s 16
so it’s gonna do what 8 damage still scary still scary so he cursed us that
actually could be that actually ooh that actually could be a really big problem
huh yeah it is oh and he’s gonna do it again
hi Annie oh you need to Dulles he’s got babbles
likes we’re gonna get unlucky roll for whatever that’s worth which is not a not
a lot that’s you know what that’s fine we did that in a bad order yeah that’s
40 damage yeah strong to poison huh strong to poison
huh if you say so that is a terrifying build we’ve got here quite frankly I’m
uh I’m sorry enemies if we even if we get the same enemy Madison Oh if even if
it was the body builder I wouldn’t be too worried fight enough freaking Girl
Scout immune to freeze not a problem hi I’m Madison I’m 12 years old and I’m
about to make sure you lose I’m going to poison you child I’m sorry it’s just how
it’s gonna go down here I’m just letting you know now oh oh oh there’s 16 poison just like
that you’re dead next turn to my girl oh my god
5 damage repeat the next attack so this is it stacks up overtime so this would
be frightening if we weren’t going to kill her this turn I would I’d be
shaking in my little old booties huh however you’re dead and I’m at full
health that was a very strong build oh my god what a sneaky underhanded victory
magnificent you’re not wrong I’m not here for compliments I’m here for prizes
of course you are that means it’s time to spin the wheel spin the wheel if you
land on a prize spot you’ll get your billion in a quick pathway out of the
got it spin wanna do a drum roll to build anticipation hold on delayed oh oh what a surprise I didn’t
get out all bad luck looks like you missed out this time but don’t lose hope
your new time in the dungeons isn’t up yet we’ll be back soon with more
episodes got the freaking robot now one of my favorite characters coming up in
the next episode but that is gonna do it for today guys if you enjoyed the
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see you next time

Let’s Play Dicey Dungeons | The Most Broken Thief Build | Part 2 | Full Release Gameplay PC HD

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