Hi and welcome to the tutorial “Implementing OMAC PackML Standard”. In this tutorial, we will be learning how to quickly and easily integrate the OMAC PackML standard when creating a machine application using mapp. The objective is to implement the OMAC PackML standard in a production line. More information about the OMAC PackML standard can be found in the automation help.  The MpPackMLCore configuration is added to use the OMAC PackML standard. This is where we find the mapp Link, which uniquely identifies the mapp component within the mapp environment. The mapp Link establishes the connection between programming and configuration. Mode “Production” exists by default and has ID 1. All commands defined by the OMAC PackML standard such as “Execute” or “Stopped” are enabled by default and can be used for the mode. In the next step, function block MpPackMLCore is added. It manages all modes defined in the configuration. Using input “MpLink”, we establish a connection to the configuration we created earlier named “gPackMLCore”. The function block is enabled using input “Enable”. Function block MpPackMLMode is added to manage mode “Production”. The same mapp Link that was connected to MpPackMLCore is used. The function block is enabled using input “Enable”. Finally, the mode ID of the mode to be controlled must be specified. Mode “Production”, which has the ID 1, should be managed. The ID was defined in the configuration. After the changes are downloaded, the program can be tested. Monitor mode is enabled. The function blocks were added to the Watch window. To enable mode “Production”, command “Activate” is set to “TRUE”. In the info structure of MpPackMLCore, you can see that mode “Production” has been started. The commands provided by MpPackMLMode allow you to navigate between the different modes in the PackML state diagram. As you can see, it is very easy to implement the OMAC PackML standard for a machine. Thanks for watching!

mapp PackML Part 1 – Implementing OMAC PackML Standard [sub: EN, DE, PL, RU]
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