[Music] the electronics industry is evolving and these changes will have a big effect on the power design market design solutions can now be integrated into one package pre optimized by MPs engineers MPs power modules integrate the maximum number of components including the power IC and inductor while still providing comprehensive flexibility for the designer to tailor to the needs of the application this provides an even more distinct leap in cost effectiveness and the highest performance over both discrete designs and other modules on the market mps modules create incredible space savings and industry standard packaging full integration allows for easy board design and layout which translates into faster time-to-market the MPS power module family offers wide input voltage operation ranges between 2.3 volts and 75 volts with 0.6 amps to 800 amps of output current composing the most extensive portfolio of modules on the market simplify and accelerate the power design process with MPs power modules

MPS Power Modules – How to Accelerate and Simplify Power Design in 60 seconds.
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