We’ve been designing and producing table
wares for the past 17 years. It come to a point that I find out I’m
not skillful enough, I have that question mark. I want to do a better job to serve
my clients. Staffordshire University is the only university that actually
provides this particular course that we really want to study, which is
industrial ceramics or ceramic design. For me because we have been learning on our own
most of the time for the past 17 years and then we have been practicing
ceramics in a small island country, so basically we can’t judge
ourselves. So it’s better to come up to Europe and then have a look around and
see where we stand in the ceramics industry. I think the course definitely
gave us a lot of opportunity to work with people in the industry. That is
something that we will never get from our home country. We get to work with
Wedgwood, Dudsons and you get to go to Ambiente. So, one of my clients that is
back from Singapore, he won Asia ‘top one’ and now is
competing for worldwide. So he got number 18 on the worldwide ranking and that is
one of the projects that we are working with is a Chef Julien [Royer]. Because of that
competition he saw our degree show, our collection. So he was very
excited he won on the design so we have this collaborative project between
the University and our chef. I think with our newfound knowledge and
skills, I think we can better serve the clients. Yeah, and now we kind of know
where we stand.

Ngah Tho Ng and Lik Kian Loh, MA Ceramic Design
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