NxtPort is a data utility platform which collects data from various stages in the supply chain of the Port of Antwerp.
Data can be used to create growth and foster sustainable solutions
in the transport sector. The data utility platform allows for more
transparency in the whole shipping process and increased efficiency of
operations, optimising processes throughout the logistics chain. Thanks to NxtPort terminals can accurately schedule vessels, cranes and labor. NxtPort can minimize the number of containers stacking moves by knowing all information on containers like their weight, destination and intermodal instructions NxtPort is a rich source of data for software developers enabling them to develop new applications that can optimize logistics
in the near future. NxtPort can facilitate an enforced digital customs
solution to improve efficiency. By storing data related to health safety and the environment, NxtPort can also address challenges in these areas. Also, a larger volume of traffic will be possible through a better use of
available capacity on and off shore Studies predict substantial benefits
only through better usage and better exchange of existing data.
NxtPort is a state-of-the-art solution making the Port of Antwerp the industry
reference for data sharing, transparency and innovation. It is an open project welcoming new partners
from all over the world. The NxtPort data utility
platform is an initiative of the industry associations of the Port of
Antwerp and Alfaport Voka

NxtPort – Building the Port of the Future (project video)
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  • June 8, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    There is so much potential in sharing data in our industry – foodcareplus, 2018 June 8


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