so do you think the pigeons are made from the government if you really think about it it makes sense have you ever seen have you ever looked up and saw that Siri can not bring a picture of them Thanks do you have any kids I got one on the way baby well the supplies we have we have pictures of you pictures of deep-dish pizza because we know you're from Chicago and of Chicago Bulls our team because I'm from Chicago too family heirloom what's three ways that you think you're better than every other rapper all necessarily thinking I'm better than anybody but I think in a lot of ways I'm different but I got a lot of abilities and styles that separate me from others if I were to grant three wishes for you and I was a genie what three wishes would you choose my song to hurry up and get here a brand new Patek Phillipe and then I wish for some type of superpower so I could be way different everybody what superpower would you choose invisibility why do you want to be invisible because if there comes a time as an adult that you just want to disappear sounds like what high school conversations that your friends come to you with taking care of bills things of that sort what financial advice would you give me don't spend all your money did you oh no I just made a lot of bad decisions are now trying to get used to my situation why would you make your rap name a name of a brand of a shirt because that is my favorite clothes as a kid unlike whether parents force you to wear it no it was it was my own choice I'm like ask my mother like yeah buy this one did you go to school they like a certain type of clothes you have to wear yeah that's why I don't understand why they won't let us express ourselves exactly what's the biggest bag you ever got the biggest bag I ever got amazing label was big back no the label gave me a big bag how do you get signed to a label this is just a floor plan where you make a few songs make videos for every one of them and then the stool you make sure those songs is hits they gonna call what's your biggest cool my biggest goal is to reach the financial state from JV be a billionaire that's a rapper he got a billion dollars the first rapid ever get it read something called Daisy yeah that's all whose oh jeez abrupt in my category my own book because I'm too young so my oh geez a rap will be something like LaLanne to me Meek Mill is getting a status of a G people like them what's the biggest thing you achieved I would say right now is getting a song called billboard that was pretty big for me because well you got a I got a song on a billboard how do you get a song on a billboard they pick it from the hottest I think 100 songs that are circling around and they pick it him though you up on a billboard what song is on the Billboard we pop out at your party on with the game and this goes oh I know that song yeah that's my first songs on a billboard hopefully I get more you will I could see it thanks man do you want your son to be in the business I mean that's his choice but I know a lot of times when I'm playing music he start kicking so he probably getting a big what's something you want to teach your son like a life lesson hey do you wash your legs in the shower do you think it's important to wash your feet yes you should see DJ's feet they they black ass ever they look like almost people see oh brother I think it's a thing about genetics cuz my dad got the same thing how about let's change the subject they look like burnt rice is a burn frame what is it adlib it's like the things you say in but scary right that doesn't make sense say a while right now potatoes potatoes baked right or like skinny pop-pop-pop because you know my name is polo so my real name is Ralph Lauren Rao yeah like wreckit-ralph know what this but that's not like I don't white person if you could change your name what would it be when I was a kid for some strange reason I wanted my name to be anything I wanted my name to be Jack I've made people at church call me jack okay so what would his name be no please whatever you do do not name it dear me I'm gonna be I beg you okay I'm not beg he's gonna be a legend so you gotta have his own things to live up to yeah thank you guys for watching arts of Reps share with your friends like the video and comment how good a mom and make sure you subscribe so you can get tunes whenever we make a new video you have anything to say oh I was on have fun chillin which our go cop died alleged and follow the baby's Instagram account yeah when I make here what he makes it but probably be out by the time so why did you say to baby I said the baby he's talking about mob baby not Oh

Polo G Answers Kids' Questions | Arts & Raps

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