it seems you are having a bad day (sigh) tell me about it, its just one thing after the other Is this your home you haven’t been here for a while yeah I’m a traveler look please let me read your fortune for 17 (a form of currency) no 7 (of that same form of currency) come on man everyone has there secrets why can’t I get mine you’re looking for someone very important arent you everyone is looking for someone at some point in their life but it’s nice to have some companions how are you doing these things anyways The God above has given me this knowledge yes you have come back to find a child who (IDK) 15 years ago wait, something is wrong you seem rather young who, me? have a child (nervous laughter) It’s like two different personalities in one body (Intense Music Intensifies making voice audio impossible to actually caption) you’ve discovered my identity your gift for seeing people for who they really are is your greatest fault there’s only one obstacle that remains between me and my past life NOOOOOOOOOO go on without me I’ve lost my contacts you are captain now so I’ve got a mission for you transport Trish to her dad cause he’s the boss who is Trish that would be me she’s really ugly anything else? (very loud music) not so fast there’s one last tithe left to my life and thats my daughter Trish not on my watch egg boi egg boi oohh you’re after your daughter silly guy you should’ve just said that

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