[Jacquie Milhon] The Fire Department
has come out to give our kiddos coats for the winter. It’s awful
cold outside, a lot of our kids don’t have coats, so the Fire
Department has graciously donated coats our kids. [Matt Schulte] We worked with 259
to reach out to find out schools that had kids that needed coats.
And we got sizing kits, we get to distribute them to
those schools and they sized them, then we ordered all the coats and
today we’re handing them out so every kid that needed a coat will go
home today with a brand new coat. [Jacquie Milhon] We have about sixty
students, actually they gave all the students coats. There was, at our
school kind of, for the most part all the kids have a need. So
every single student will get a coat today. [Matt Schulte] If there’s a need,
they can reach out to us and we will help get them coats. [Jacquie Milhon] We love it, they
come in and they’re- they’re cold, and so now we get to bundle them up
and hopefully we’ll get some gloves and hats and they’ll be all taken
care of for the winter. They did the same thing last year. [Julie Rinke] Today Colvin students
are blessed to be receiving a coat from the Wichita Fire Department.
200 of our students will be receiving a coat today. [Matt Schulte] Part of our goal is
to try to double the amount of coats we give away. It’s just a way of
giving back to the community. The community supports the firefighters,
and we want to support the community that supports us. [Julie Rinke] I believe this is our
third year- no fourth year. We try not to and repeat serve students,
so we try to select students that are new to Colvin, that are possibly new
to the Wichita area, out of state, out of country; and- and look for them
that way. We have students that come to us from several countries around the
world, and also students that have come here from Puerto Rico. And so
it’s a big change for them to come to this climate. We have
members of Crossroads Church here today to help as well. They have
been just very huge supporters of Colvin Elementary, we’re very thankful
for their community support. [Matt Schulte] Some of our
sponsors have brought gloves and hats and toiletry items for
the kids. [Rachel Trombley] We’re very
excited, we’re very thankful to Mr. Tim Carr through the Wichita Fire
Department and donating coats for 200 of our students. Our students
have a multitude of needs that just a school staff ourselves we don’t
have the funds and the capacity to take care of those things, whether
it be school supplies, coats, shoes, clothes, gloves- and so without our
community partners and people who are willing to come into the school
and give of their time and resources there’s no way we’d be able to meet
all these basic needs. [Matt Schulte] I think we’re at over
400 coats- close to 500 coats that we’ve given away between three
schools this year. [Rachel Trombley] A lot of our kids
walk, so we have lots of staff that have safety patrol, and helps outside
in the mornings. And so they really are really helpful to me, kind of
figuring out which of our kids might be in need of a
winter coat. [Matt Schulte] We do our 25
guns for Christmas, and we do the cuffs and axes boxing event that
raises money. Plus we have other donors; Franklin law, Devaughn James
Attorneys, that have donated money to help buy coats for kids. Three
schools in a week that we’ve handed out the kids trying to make sure we
had volunteers. But we want to make sure we get kids in coats before it
gets too cold. [Rachel Trombley] We’re very very
thankful to the Wichita Fire Department. [Jacquie Milhon] Fire Department’s
wonderful. All the community workers all really come and donate their time,
and so this is just another example of how they reach out to us and
take care of our kids.

Project Warm Brings Coats to Wichita Schools
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