no objection the can be table question number nine david seymour Thank You mr. speaker my question is to the Minister of Building and Construction and reads as follows does he agree with Liam den in the New Zealand Herald that quote young house hunters should just give up in quotes and if not why not the Honorable Amy Adams speaking on behalf of the military the minister of building instruction know for a number of reasons firstly because the Auckland market is easing and we’ve seen median house prices in Auckland fall eight and a half percent since October secondly were in the middle of the longest strongest boom Auckland has ever seen and only today Kali is reported two thousand seven hundred and seventy apartments are due to be completed this year the highest since 2005 with 3840 apartments expected next year thirdly the home start grant scheme the most generous support for first home buyers in a generation has provided almost a hundred and thirty million dollars in grants that have helped over 27,000 people into their first home about two and a half thousand them in Auckland I also note that there are currently over 1,800 listings on trade me in Auckland for properties advertised under 600,000 order supplementary question david seymour with respect to the number of homes being built does the minister agree that the current so-called house building boom still gives us a lower number of homes built per capita than any of the decades in the 1970s 1980s 1990s or the 2000s the Honorable Amy on behalf of the minister of building and construction I haven’t had the opportunity to study the data the meme is referring to but what I can tell the member is that the number of houses being built in Auckland at the moment of 10,000 a year is the highest and 10 years and Sir the work that this government has done around freeing up land around supporting housing project there’s a big part of the reason for their growth but we could move a lot faster if there was more support across communities in this house supplementary question David Seymour is the inshaa mobile a cab wrong when he sees New Zealand has under built to the tune of half a million houses and if not why not the Honorable Indiana mr. speaker on behalf of the minister of building construction what I would say is that this is a government that is doing everything it can to see more houses being built which is why the numbers almost doubled since we’ve been in government and if it wasn’t for opposition across this house and across communities to things like the arame reform to things like the special housing areas to things like three kings and point England we would be seeing even more houses built even faster the thanks to this government we are seeing more built in Auckland that we have 15 years supplementary christian david seymour with respect to RMA reform is the minister disappointed that his own government ended up voting against many of amy adams most important proposed reforms which i put up in the RMA bill as amendments as to the committee stage such as recognising the importance of land supply economic development and infrastructure which would have made it easier to build homes honourable Amy Adams on behalf of the minister of building construction what I will say is that this government is absolutely confident that the reforms we’ve passed will help to further speed up the supply of land and houses and debate the Auckland and the New Zealand markets [Applause] order supplementary question David Seymour does the minister have any advice for thrifty young homebuyers attempting to save faster than they can earn when the average price of housing in Auckland rose by a hundred and fourteen thousand dollars last year and is now over a million dollars the Honorable Amy Elam on behalf of the Minister building construction what I would say to homebuyers is that with interest rates at low levels houses are more affordable now than they have been for some time and actually whether you look at the average or the median house prices over the last several months they have been falling which is an encouraging sign in true order supplementary order point of order mr. speaker I want to check the number of supplement equations as Minister this member has been given I can’t believe the said ISM should go on like whatever whatever if the memory uses Thames to use more than his allocation I will handle it they would see more supplementary question indeed has the minister enjoyed standing in for Nick Smith today and has she asked the Prime Minister if she could do it more permanently as of May 1 the minister buildings direction I always enjoy being a part of this team [Music] order order water water mr. Peters you might have noticed we have now a point of order so it’s meant to be heard of silence point of order david seymour point of order mr. speaker in the course of some of the bearing and this question Ron mark called me I think an idiot which is not only on parliamentary but as the events of today of show and a bit hypocritical I was going to assist I was going to assist the member until the last part of his point of order question number 10 Maureen Pugh

Question 9 – David Seymour to the Minister for Building and Construction
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