hi everybody in this episode I’ll be
doing my review of the rampart modular terrain from Archon Studios all right so let’s jump into things the
first thing that I noticed when I picked all of these up and I talked about this
in my unboxing is that they’re heavy they’re thick the plastic or the resin
that they’re made from feels really good now that I’m starting to clip things out
it should be noted that look overall let me say this I like the stuff I like the
modular terrain but it is not what I would call beginner friendly as I go
through and I clip all of this stuff out there’s a lot of flashing the tends to
get left the the pieces themselves are thick and so the connective bits on the
sprue are also pretty thick and so there’s a lot of stuff left over we’re
gonna speed things up for you here as you watch me clip everything out and
adjust the focus a little bit for you it’s not bad and if you take your time
or if you are used to doing a lot of terrain from things like Games Workshop
because let’s be honest that’s the comparison everyone’s making then you
know it’s not too bad but again it’s not what I would call beginner friendly
that this takes a little while now I will say you could potentially do some
paint on the sprue if you would have liked here getting that basing done
that’s something that I’ve talked about before but yes so here I need to go in
and take some of these bits off here from the sprue and and then you’ll see
me go back and need to trim up either with my clippers or going through with
my emery board and taking care a lot of this flashing and leftover stuff it’s
it’s pretty noticeable if I was being hypercritical I would say it’s pretty
bad but overall I do like the terrain and so let’s just say that you’re going
to want to spend some time filing things down and making it nice
and pretty also it’s terrain so if you don’t get
them super flat they’re not going to fit together as well and they’re not going
to stand up as well so that’s what I’m doing here with my nice little emery
board these are really cheap by the way and so just pick them up you will
absolutely thank yourself later when you’re priming and painting all right so
these fit together I do a lot of dry fitting you will need some some glue
here some super glue there gorilla glue or whatever it is that you want to call
it and get it on the edge don’t put the glue directly on the tip of the peg
because then that just goes into the recess and it doesn’t have anything
there grab onto I add a couple of drops here along the edges pretty standard
fare if you’re used to putting together terrain or any kind of mini really since
they are large pieces you might go through a little bit extra glue than
you’re used to and now I’m going ahead and putting them together now I go
through and I double check the orientation of the like cathedral
windows there’s little triangular type windows to make sure that they’re all
pointing upwards so it doesn’t end up looking like I have a column on upside
down there are blueprints there are pages that kind of show you how they go
together sort of they aren’t as detailed as if you’re used to picking up
miniatures from Games Workshop or terrain from game Workshop it’s sort of
vaguely shows you what they look like yeah see there I had to actually go
through and clip more stuff off and to be honest I could almost stop the
video here it’s a lot of this lather rinse repeat as it were these are your
basic wall areas but we’ve got a handful of other things we’ll look at what those
look like it’s really nice stuff there’s some miniatures there’s some decoration
accoutrement gargoyles and parapets and all kinds of stuff so let’s get one of
these little Tower things clipped out the whole thing that rampart was selling
whenever the kick started was going was the fact that these were magnetized and
modular so you could put them together however you wanted and that’s true but
also there’s a lot of these little pegs that you end up using so it’s not all
100% magnetized also it’s worth pointing out and this isn’t new they say it in
the Kickstarter it does not come with the magnets so that is an extra expense
and they’re not cheap you know I got about 20 of them for $5 well if every
wall has I see one two three four five different connection points and some of
them have ten well that could be just two different walls that go together and
I’ve already gone through my five bucks so again one of those ideas of maybe
it’s not beginner-friendly it’s not a super cheap option and cheap
is sometimes a four-letter word as it were but it’s not inexpensive you get a
really high quality product for what you pay for but I just want to point out
that there are some added expenses along the way now
I’m not using any of my super glue for the things like the gargoyles or the
tower tops or anything like that because I want to be able to pop those out and
move them around and maybe I want a two-story project or a one-story so make
sure that you’re not gluing everything together there are these little housing
pieces and we’re gonna be gluing those into place it’s what’s going to help
hold the magnet or the peg in place you can see on the sprues there’s some
little cylindrical pegs that’s not trash don’t throw those away they’re one of
the optional ways of connecting everything so you don’t have to buy
magnets but doing a quick look at the sprues I don’t think that there’s enough
pegs for every piece to have its own pegs so again you’re gonna have to
figure something out it’s not an all-in-one box you’re going to be
spending a little bit of extra money this is the Cathedral in case you’re
wondering so it’s sort of that European inspired architecture I got two sets of
the Cathedral and I got one set of the temple that has not shipped as of the
recording of this video yet alright so there’s two walls and here’s some more
of the ruins here’s an extra wall and I’ve gone ahead and put the magnets in
here and you see how they just clip together and that’s great like it really
does make things very simple I can pop this tower top on there that’s a really
nice looking piece that’s something that you do want to be careful of when you’re
putting all of this stuff together is making sure that the magnets align
themselves well more than once I did have to take something apart because I
had two ends of the magnets and it was like two you know two North ends or two
positive ends however you’re supposed to say it and they ended up repulsing each
other this is one of the really cool little statuettes that comes with the
piece this sort of techno priest I’ve been calling it I really did like this
this one did take a lot more finessing with trimming off the extra fleshing and
your flashing not fleshing oh that’s creepy the flesh
flashing and sanding it down but this is a really neat piece I’m looking forward
to getting this one painted up to me all of this looks like it’s mostly made out
of stone with some metal bits in there but if you picked him up I’d be
interested in what you think maybe maybe to you it is metal it’s a neo futuristic
type thing or maybe it’s a ancient lost civilization what’s the color scheme you
would go with I’m thinking of trying to do like light colors almost like it was
made out of marble with copper and steel piping but I don’t know I’m open to
suggestions so if you’ve got a you got a suggestion of what you want this neophyte priest neophyte priest I don’t
think I’m using that word correctly I don’t think I am
I could probably google it but I don’t think I’m using it correctly
what does neophyte mean somebody let me know in the comments below I’m let me
know nicely I’m sure I’m sure there’s plenty of people that know what it means
without looking it up but I don’t help me learn a new word alright but here we
go I’m gluing this one together and it’s all put together this techno priest I
think that’s the word I was looking for what color scheme would you like to see
the techno priest will outsource that and I’ll paint him up for you and let
you know what it looks like there’s a couple of gargoyles drain spouts and
some lanterns maybe some OSL objects source lighting options for you and that
could be really cool you’ll see there’s a couple of sections there that didn’t
actually get cut out I need to let our con studio know that I need those
replaced I’ll let you know how quickly they respond and how easy it is to get
the replacement parts in the future as soon
as that happens make sure that you’re following us on Twitter at our four I
vlog that’s where I’ll let you know where that happens I really like this
bit I like where you can pop in and out different decorations that’s really cool and like I said the material is really
strong and thick so I think it’ll stand together now this is one thing that
bothers me that little end piece yeah that doesn’t stand up it doesn’t stand
up at all now it’s it’s it’s really frustrating it has some of the areas
where I can connect it with a peg or a magnet so that’s what I’ll have to do
but that one tall thin piece is not freestanding just something to keep in
mind but most of them are and they line up nicely it’s gonna provide some really
good cover for my thousand suns or maybe for a D&D campaign an old lost a temple
of I UHN perhaps that’s what that techno priest makes me think of I snapped
together pretty nicely but yeah you’ll see I tend to try to put them together
two magnets at a time so that I know that they’re always they’re always going
to connect well and if you wanted you really could just place them in there
and not try to glue them into place I’ve been gluing them into place but I
might not do that as I move forward I might just put the piece in yeah see
here I’ve got them they don’t go together the polarity is wrong so that’s
another reason to just use the pegs or not glue them into place arkhan studio
if you’re jingis hey thanks for a pretty great
product I’d be interested if you’re going to be selling just a bag of pegs
in the future now you can see here I’m having to take this apart because I got
the polarity wrong I’m guessing this is going to be an issue a lot of people
have or maybe it’s just me maybe I’m not smart enough to plan ahead but either
way I did have to fix it I’m just cleaning up some of the superglue and
whatnot that got in there and I’ll own this this was my mistake but it was a
mistake I was trying to avoid and still ended up happening but yeah there’s pop
that off flip the magnet around make sure that it works and get it all glued
back into place ultimately it’s not a difficult fix it’s just an annoying fix
that it was actively trying to avoid and it still happened to me so there you go
the rampart modular terrain from our Kahn studios overall I have to stress
this I love it it’s heavy its durable I think it’s gonna take paint really well
and I absolutely love the way that it looks and I really like the
magnetization that that’s built in the magnets are gonna cost you extra
and the fact that the plastic the resin is so heavy means you’re gonna spend a
little bit more time cleaning things up it’s maybe not beginner friendly but
it’s a really solid product and I might end up picking up a couple more of the
sets I think that this looks really great with some of these thousands Suns
waiting to ambush I can’t wait to use them for some war gaming or even in
Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons really anytime you need a temple or a cathedral
that’s in ruins a big thanks to all of our patrons and especially to Joan if
you want to support our channel you can head over to our patreon page and check
out the different perks of being a patron did you back the set have you
gotten these already are you looking at picking them up what are your thoughts
have you already painted them love to see what some of them look like
you can absolutely tag us on Instagram or Twitter let me know what you think of
the rampart stuff in the comments below so until next time I’m Ryan and this is
Roll 4 Initiative bye

Rampart Modular Terrain Construction & Review
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3 thoughts on “Rampart Modular Terrain Construction & Review

  • December 5, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    This is a great look at the terrain. I would likely buy this and give it a try, but it is good to know what I might be getting into.

  • December 5, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    Neophyte? Just someone who is new to a given idea or thing.

  • December 7, 2019 at 11:13 am

    20 Magnets for $5!!! You got robbed! Have a shop about online. I've bought 100 for that price from China.


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