they’re hearing from their patients on what’s going on in their own body they’re looking at lab reports they’re looking at all the other devices that they have around them and they’re trying to aggregate all this information that a cognitive load is just huge to try to narrow down to getting the answer for that patient it’s always amazing to me how much pressure they’re under in terms of time or just just the physical stress of saving someone’s life I’m an emergency physician I trained in Los Angeles at LA County Hospital at that time ultrasound was largely confined to radiology obstetrics and cardiology little was known that ultrasound could actually have a big impact in the rest of Medicine and those answers at the bedside can often mean the difference between life and death what I think we provide is the easiest answer to complex questions even if we give them the most beautiful image if the stand isn’t adaptable to get in the right field of view for them then the image quality doesn’t matter a lot of what we do a lot of the core benefit of SonoSite is we’ve tried to strip away the unnecessary stuff how they’re managing the transducer the information we’re presenting on screen how it’s being charged it’s all about access they want access to a great image without a lot of fuss and bother and move on and push the machine to the side of the room until they need it again 20 care ultrasound is a evolving field and the best way to understand how it’s really evolving is being out there whether we’re sending teams to Asia or Europe and speaking directly to physicians and nurses learning and their barriers most companies listen to their customers but what people don’t necessarily do is watch what their customers do there’s all kinds of adaptations and shortcuts that they don’t even cognitively recognize anymore they’ve done it so many times over and over and when we can see those adaptations we can design solutions that get around that when they tell us heal management is important that’s one thing in this office but then when you go into the field and see someone come in with a gunshot wound cable management could be the difference in defining their care path and ultimately saving their life we talk a lot and are really passionate about the democratization of ultrasound and that’s really about removing barriers to use and making our products simple and approachable so that more people feel empowered to use them making things accessible to our users so that they can’t get the answer that they’re looking for and I believe today we’re still scratching the surface of really what point of care ultrasound could be you

Removing Barriers Pt. 1: How We Design Ultrasound Systems

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