Hello everybody. It is Friday. Welcome along to Friday’s
House of Games. A very special House of Games this
week. It is a house of champions. We’ve had four former winners
battling it out all week. One of them today is going to win
this extraordinary golden trophy. Who is it going to be?
Who are our players? This week they are Scarlett Moffat, Rick Edwards, Naga Munchetty, and David O’Doherty.
Welcome back, everybody. Now Rick, three wins already
this week? Mm. OK. But you are not in the clear, because it’s double points Friday
today, so you can still be caught. How are you feeling? I’m feeling
nervous. Genuinely feeling nervous. I want that trophy. Well listen, you’re up against
winners, winners one and all. Naga, shall we take a little look at
the weekly leaderboard… Yes.
..as it stands? So Rick has got a four point lead,
but it is double points Friday. That means David and Naga,
you really can catch up. Scarlett, I’m afraid
your time might have gone but you are on the champions show. I
already feel like a champion, so… You look like a champion, you feel
like a champion, you are a champion. Thanks.
You’re the champion of our hearts. Whereas who cares about Rick,
do you know what I mean?! That’s what I’m saying! Exactly! You’ve said it quite a lot. Yeah. It’s what we’re all saying.
We’re all saying it now, are we? The internet has been lighting up
with support for Naga and I to try and defeat
this behemoth here. And we’re breathing down his neck.
Look at that. It could be done. Scarlett, shall we take a little
look at the prizes on offer
for today’s final show? There’s the trophy, of course. Our daily winner will also take home
one of these. Oh! Oh! Oh, look at that!
Look at that perfume bottle! We are back loaded.
Hang on a minute! Oh, my God! Is that a hazmat suit? It is not.
It’s a golden onesie. You could use it as a hazmat suit
if you wanted, but I call them
golden onesies. There is the House of Games
suitcase. Imagine that coming
around the carousel. You’d be like, “Oh, that’s mine!” Oh, yeah! You’ve got
the playing cards there, you’ve got the atomiser.
You’ve also got… Now Rick, earlier in the week,
you won the golden amulet. And now… Which, as you know,
confers immortality. Still wearing it. What you have here
is a golden chalice. Well, it’s the Holy Grail, isn’t it? We are not allowed to say legally
that it is the Holy Grail. OK? No, but you could say
figuratively it’s the Holy Grail. It is a Holy Grail. Yes. So, it’d be a nice thing to win,
but that said, the luggage is great. Yeah. So, you’ve got a choice to
make. Listen, what a week we’ve had. We’ve got four former champions
here, four people who’ve won
House of Games before. Only one of them is going
to be our champion of champions, walk home with this.
Who is it going to be? We are five rounds away from finding
out. Shall we play the first one? Let’s do it. Spoiler alert.
It’ll probably be me. OK, let’s go! See what happens. Let’s play round one. It is… Highbrow Lowbrow.
I’m going to go along the line. I’m going to ask you
two questions at a time. The first question will be
a highbrow question. The second one will be
a lowbrow question. OK? But they have the same answer.
Scarlett, here is yours. So if you can get it from this
question, I’m going to give you
two points. OK. I have absolutely no idea.
You and me both. No. Shall we go onto the lowbrow
question? Yeah, please, yeah. So, for one point,
this question has the same answer
as that first question. Jaws. Jaws.
Is that the right answer? It is, well done. One point. Rick, let’s see how highbrow
you really are. Mm-hm. OK? Let’s go the snake. Snake. Don’t know if it features.
Snake, says Rick. You can stick with that,
or you can change it when you see this next question,
your lowbrow question, which is… Good question.
Well, I don’t know that either. I don’t know Daisy. Not highbrow, not lowbrow. No-brow. Relentlessly middlebrow.
Naga, hand on buzzer. I guess I’m going duck. I mean… Oh! Now I don’t know, but… The
reaction, that looked good to me! Yeah. Let’s take a look.
Is the answer duck? A point to Rick. Well done at home if you got
the two points on that one. Naga, for two points… No. No? Not going to go for anything there. So, let’s take a look at the lowbrow
question that has the same answer as that. A BBC soap. Oh! Such a poor start. I don’t know. Shall we time you out? Time me out. Rick? It’s a guess but Eldorado. Is it? It’s the correct answer. Wow. Eldorado. Well done.
highbrow question for two points. Yeah. Answer me this, please. Is it a ring? Ring, you’re saying. Let’s take a
little look at the lowbrow question. HE HUMS THE TUNE THEY BEGIN TO SING # This is the rhythm
of the night… # I was doing that… # Oh yeah # The rhythm of the night. # I don’t know who sings it. The ring. The ring.
Is the ring the correct answer? It is not. Anyone? Well, I’ll give it a go. Naga? I’m going to say strata. Is it strata? Oh. It is not. Erm, no, cos I was
thinking halo initially, but I don’t think that’s it.
Do you want to buzz in and say halo? It might be worth your while.
You have a go. Scarlett. Go on. Is it halo?
It’s not, I’m afraid. LAUGHTER I’ll tell you what it is. The answer is corona. Corona! Corona! Yes! Scarlett, we’re back to you. Yeah.
Highbrow question for two points. Lady someone? Are you going to say Lady someone? Or Jane… ..Eyre? Jane Eyre, you’re going to say?
Yeah. Let’s hope that’s the answer
also to a lowbrow question. Here’s your lowbrow question
for one point. It’s 1815? Right, I’m going to say Betty. Betty. Is Betty the answer? It’s not. Naga? Emma. Is it Emma? It is. Point for Naga. Well played. Well done. Rick Edwards, can we get ourselves
a highbrow question? Two points if you can answer this. William? Maybe. Is it William? Let’s see if you’re
going to stick with William when you see the lowbrow question. Oh, OK. The British Prime Minister’s
Spencer Perceval, isn’t it? So, Spencer. Is it Spencer? Certainly, Scarlett thinks it is. It is Spencer. Well played.
One point. I knew that from Made in Chelsea,
not the Prime Minister. Spencer Perceval was the only
British Prime Minister to be assassinated. Yeah. Naga, for two points. Is that definitely not
the lowbrow one? LAUGHTER Carpathian Basin. Romanesque. Neo-Romanesque. No. No? Shall we go onto
the lowbrow for one point? Scarlett’s on it. No. No? Shall we time you out? Time me out. Scarlett? Is it Budapest? Is that right? It is Budapest. Well played. Lovely. Budapest. Well played, Scarlett.
A point for you. David, for two points. I mean, it’s not Aristophanes cos there’s no lowbrow question
the answer is Aristophanes. I think it might be Homer. You’re saying Homer. Are you going to stick with Homer
after this question? Erm… Was it Homer? You’re going to stick with Homer?
Yeah! OK, let’s see, was it Homer? It was not. Anyone? Naga? I don’t know, is it Ovid? Is it Ovid? No. It is not. Rick? It’s Virgil. Is it Virgil? Absolutely is. Well played, Rick.
Fair enough. Well done at home if you said
Virgil, especially if you said it after the first clue. That’s round one done on our final
day of this House of Champions. Let’s see how we stand. Pretty good round for Rick there,
I think. Yeah. David still to get off the mark. Naga, you have one. Scarlett, two. Rick, four points. Well played, Edwards. APPLAUSE Let’s move straight along,
shall we, and play round two? And round two today is going
to be… This is a pairs game. The player in
last place gets to choose a partner. David, that’s you. Now, you and Rick have formed a
partnership all week, which has been at first, disastrous, then yesterday
there was a measure of redemption. What do you want to do? Do you want to stick with Rick,
or do you want to mix it up? Now, I’ve thought about this. OK. And because I need more points
than Rick, Naga and I both do, so, I think we’re going to form, Naga and I will form a tactical
team. Oh, that’s clever. NAGA: Good choice. That is clever. OK, so, David and Naga are a team,
Rick and Scarlett are a team. Now, in this round it’s
normally You Complete Me but this time it’s I Complete You. What I’m going to do, I’m going to
ask you a series of questions, OK? Every single question
will have a two-word answer, OK? I need you to give me the second
word of the answer and then your partner will give me the first word
of the answer to get a point. Fingers on buzzers, everybody. What is the second word
of this answer? Yes, that is Rick. What’s the second word? Life. Life is correct. For a point, Scarlett,
what’s the first word? After? Is it after? It is, After Life. Well done. Yes! Oh, we’re going in
for the fist bump. Yeah, we’re going fist,
we’re doing a five. We’ll do everything! LAUGHTER Next question.
How’s your plan working out, David? LAUGHTER Thanks, Rick. Sorry, I mean, it wasn’t your plan. Next question, give me the second
part of this answer, please. What is the title of this song? # Go on and close the curtains… # Rick? Tonight. Correct. Scarlett, what’s the first word? # Oh, tonight… # SHE MUMBLES THE WORDS Till Tonight? Is it Till Tonight? It’s not, I’m afraid. You can buzz in, anyone else. David? Save Tonight. Is it Save Tonight? Let’s take a look. It is. Well done.
APPLAUSE You’ve taken the point there. Next question. What is the second part
of this answer, please? Yes, that is David. Williams. Let’s take a look. Williams is correct. Naga? Serena. Is Serena the answer? I like that. It is. Well done. APPLAUSE Final question in this round. What is the second word
in this answer? What is the name
of this ex-footballer? Yes, Rick? Neville. Is correct. Scarlett? Just think of a bloke’s name? Yeah, good start. Yeah. Anthony Neville.
Is it Anthony Neville? No, it doesn’t look like it. Anyone want to buzz in
on the other team? David? It’s Gary Neville. Gary Neville is the right answer. I let you down there. I’m sorry,
I let you down. Not a problem. Brother of Phil Neville, of course.
That was the trap they were
trying to set for you. That’s the end of that round. Let’s take a look at what
it’s done to the scores. Two rounds down on Friday’s
House of Champions. Oh, it’s pretty close, isn’t it? Scarlett and David, three each. And, Naga, you have four. And, Rick, a one-point lead now
with five points. Everyone within two. APPLAUSE Nice. It’s beginning to get
a little bit interesting, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at our next round
today. It is going to be… This is a fun round. I’m going to show you
a category first. So, all the answers here
are going to be British TV dramas. I’ll tell you how it works. We’re going to show you a clue
to what that British TV drama is. It’s two clues in one because also
the initials of that clue are the initials of the answer. Which British TV drama is this? Yes, Rick? Peaky Blinders. Let’s take a look. Peaky Blinders is the right answer. Well done. See how it works? Yeah. Yeah. Next British TV drama. David? Call The Midwife. Is that right? Call The Midwife. Very nicely played. APPLAUSE Final British TV drama. Yes, Rick? Line of Duty. Line of Duty, must be. Well played.
APPLAUSE Here’s your next category. US presidents. Yes, that is Scarlett. George W Bush. George W Bush is the right answer. Well played.
APPLAUSE The next US president. Yes, Scarlett? Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. APPLAUSE
Some nice buzzing here, Scarlett. Next category. What are these plays, please? Yes, Rick? A Streetcar Named Desire.
Is it A Streetcar Named Desire? It certainly is. Well played. APPLAUSE Nicely done. Next play. Yes, David? Waiting for Godot. Oh, nice.
Waiting for Godot, says David. Is that right? It is indeed. APPLAUSE Final question in this round. Yes, Scarlett? Peter Pan. Of course it’s Peter Pan. I couldn’t work it out.
It is Peter Pan. Well done. That is the end of that round. Good round for Rick,
good round for Scarlett there. A few points being shared out. With two rounds to go on
House of Games House of Champions, the leaderboard at the moment
looks like this. Naga, you have four. David, five. Scarlett, six, Rick in the lead with eight points. Still close, though.
APPLAUSE Two rounds before
we decide our champion. Round four is going to be… Would you please all
take your tablets out. We’re going to show you a map. This is today’s map. It’s Australasia, a little bit
of the bottom of Asia as well. I wonder if you can find for me
the following on your map. We are looking for… Where is that, please? What do you think at home?
Do you know the answer to that one? Then, do you know
where that place is? Point to your screens now. Everybody is locked in. Scarlett, we will start with you. Did you know what the answer was? No. OK. Let’s see where you are. Just thought I’d go on the coast. Go on the coast. Lovely. Rick, did you know the answer? Er, Darwin. Darwin.
And where did you think Darwin was? To be honest, I think
it’s on the coast of Australia exactly pretty much where… So on the north coast of Australia?
Yeah, yeah. Wow. How about that? I think so. Weird how minds work. Naga. I knew it was Darwin. I had no idea so I just put
it in the middle right bit. David, did you know it was Darwin? Yeah, I think it’s to the right of
where the other two coasties were. Interesting. Darwin is the correct answer. But where is Darwin
and who has won the point? Rick has won the point there.
Very well done. APPLAUSE
Well done. I wonder if you can find this,
please, on your map. Where would you find
the Marlborough wine region? That sounds like a nice place
to go on holiday. OK, everyone is in. Rick, do you know
the Marlborough wine region? No. Any idea where it might be?
Absolutely nothing to go on. OK, let’s see where you’ve gone,
Rick. Sort of middle of Australia. Middle bottom of Australia. Naga, what was your thinking? Well, I think
it’s a New Zealand wine. Ah, OK. And I’ve picked the wrong chunk…
OK, so let’s see where you’ve gone. ..so I’ve gone in completely
the wrong place. Yeah. That’s Papua New Guinea
you’re in there. Yes, that’s great. David? I knew where the
South Island of New Zealand was. LAUGHTER So, I just popped my X
in the middle of that, really. There’s David. And, Scarlett,
what was your thinking? Erm, I just sort of kept the
cross where it was on the screen. OK, there we go! Let’s see where that was. Mm-hm. Yeah. OK, excellent. Yeah. David and Naga, you’re absolutely
right – it’s in New Zealand. I mean, there’s not
a huge amount of tension here because I’ve already told you
you’re in Papua New Guinea, Naga – that’s bad quiz show
hosting from me. I should have said,
“But is that New Zealand?” I think we knew it wasn’t. But let’s see how close
David O’Doherty is. I mean, pretty much bang on. Very nice answer, David, well done. Final one in this round.
We’re looking for this, please. Hm. Horrible. Yeah. It’s where Santa spends
the summer. Oh, is it? I didn’t know that.
Yeah, from the North Pole. Yeah, because he’d get
a bit of a tan. Yeah. Listen, at home, if you
know where Christmas Island is, that’s impressive –
if you don’t, like, I’m assuming none of us do, join in the fun. Naga, where have you decided?
I just picked an island near Australia. Lovely. We’ve all
picked an island. Yeah. Let’s see which one Naga has picked. David? I picked an island,
kind of, you know, on its own. Lovely. Scarlett,
what are you saying? Er, well, Christmas is like
a communitive time, so I chose an island that was
near other islands. Of course! Very nice!
That’s lovely. And Rick? Yeah, I mean, similar kind of thing,
absolutely no idea. I mean, I think… I mean, you don’t
want to say too much, do you, humiliate yourself more, but I think… Yeah, go on! ..that Naga is on Tanzania. But then I could… You genuinely have humiliated yourself more there. No, I don’t mean it,
I mean Tasmania, don’t I? Let’s see where Rick has gone. OK, I can tell you, someone
is on Tasmania, someone is on Fiji, someone is on Vanuatu, and
someone is on the Solomon Islands. But, one of those has got to be
closest to the Christmas Island, right? Yeah.
Where are you pointing to at home? Point at the screen now, let’s find
out where Christmas Island is, and who has won the point. Oh, my days! Shall I tell you who’s
closest? They just worked it out. Naga is closest on that one. Yes! If you look at the…
I’ve got a point! Wow! Pure ineptitude.
That is… Wow! RICK: We were all close, weren’t we? That’s the end of that round, tablets away, please. Thank goodness. Very well done if you got closer to
Christmas Island there. One round to go, here’s
how the leaderboard looks. Naga, you have five. Scarlett and David, you have six. Rick, three-point lead. You’ve got one round to go, one
round before we find our winner, give away that trophy –
that final round is… Fingers on buzzers. There will
be a picture, clue underneath, smash the answers together, please. Point for a correct answer, if you buzz in and give me an
incorrect answer, you lose a point. Your first category is… The pictures will be bass players,
there will be a clue underneath. Best of luck to you all,
here is your first one. Yes, Rick? Roger Watership Down? Is it Roger Watership Down? It is!
Roger Waters and Watership Down. Next bassist and next clue. Yes, David? The Fleaning Tower Of Pisa. Is it The Fleaning Tower Of Pisa? I’ll give you that. Flea and Leaning Tower Of Pisa. Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Next bassist, and next clue? Ah! Oh, David? Oh, I shouldn’t have
buzzed in there. Er… Is it Suzi Quatro? And therefore it’s… ..Ro… Erm… I’m afraid I’m going to have to
time you out. Anyone? Well, if it is Suzi Quatro,
Trowbridge is in Wiltshire. I wonder
if it’s Suzi Quatrowbridge? It IS Suzi Quatrowbridge. You lose a point there, David. Next category is… Here we go,
those will be the pictures. Yes, David? Coleslawn bowls. Is it coleslawn bowls? It is. Coleslaw and lawn bowls,
well played. Next picnic food. Yes, Scarlett? Potato-Sadele? Saladele? Everyone happy with that?
Yeah. Yeah. Potato Saladele, I’ll give you that. Potato salad and Adele. Well done, Scarlett. Next picnic food. Yes, Rick? Sandwichita? Is it Sandwichita? It is! Beautifully done. Next category. Lovely. Who is this actor, and what is the clue? Yes, Rick? Brian Bless-Ed Balls. Oh! That’s so good! Brian Bless-Ed Balls… ..is the correct answer. Next actor.
KLAXON SOUNDS We’re done. We leave on Brian Bless-Ed Balls, erm… As we should. As we should! A terrific week, winners all,
but we’ve brought all the winners together to find the winner of
winners, the champion of champions. I think we
know who it’s going to be. Let’s take a look at the scores
at the end of this show. So, who has won
Friday’s House Of Games? It’s Rick Edwards has won Friday’s House Of Games. His fourth win of the week. Nicely done, 12 points. Rick, the small matter of choosing
one of these prizes. A good day for prizes. Yeah. There’s the chalice,
but there is also the luggage. When he puts it like that… I’m going chalice. Going chalice! Rick takes home
the House Of Games… ..golden cursed chalice. Sorry, I didn’t say it was cursed at
any point. Oh, it’s cursed, is it? Yeah, it’s cursed. Oh, my God! Is the luggage cursed?
No, the luggage wasn’t cursed. The amulet will save you from
the curse. This is a good point. No, no – the chalice
is the only thing that can destroy the
power of the amulet. Oh! So, what an absolute waste
of your time it’s been. So, the amulet no
longer grants eternal life, because of the chalice.
What a total nightmare. Do you know what, absolutely
my fault for not mentioning it. Does anyone else want the amulet?
I am so glad I didn’t win! Certainly, 100% my fault, Rick,
I’ve led you astray there, sorry. The luggage is lovely. Yeah. Er, but, the trophy…
Mm. ..is not cursed. Mm. So, if you walk home with that,
that would be a lovely thing. Mm-hm. Our winner of the House Of
Games champion of champions is… Of course, it is Rick Edwards. Rick Edwards, thank you. That feels so good.
Thank you. It does feel good. That’s heavier than the normal one.
It’s a good one. Speech. Speech, yeah –
you must be happy. Firstly, I’d like to say what
an absolutely lovely week I’ve had. Thank you. Lovely contestants. Obviously, David and I had a
difficult patch in the middle. Yes. I’d like to think
that we repaired it, and I feel like I’ve made two
new friends as well. Aw, lovely. Rick Edwards, congratulations. Thank you all
so much for coming back, you were all winners
first time round, you’re all winners this
time around as well, as far as I’m concerned, but Rick, congratulations
on taking home the trophy. It’s been an absolute
pleasure this week. Thank you all for playing,
Scarlett, Rick, Naga and David. Thank you all so much, and thank you so much as well for watching
House Of Games, House Of Champions. We will see you next time. Mm. HE PRETENDS TO CHOKE

Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E45 (07 Dec 2019)
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