Hello, I’m going to show you how to make my SDT Base! All of the raid costs and resources needed are in the description. Right now, I am showing a preview of my base, to see if you like it before building and what not. This base has 2 double triangle loot rooms, and 2 sqaure loot rooms, one of which is next to TC. It also has a row of space for furnaces, an entire shooting floor with peak downs, and a layer of honeycomb. Now we should start building the base. The wall frame is temporary and you should still door it off. I am placing a foundation, half wall and roof so i can place a shelf inside for more storage. Once the triangle inside is placed, you should break the buildup outside. Now, we expand to the second story loot rooms. Leave this triangle empty for the ladder. Now start on the drop off boxes and expansion of doors. These windows are for checking for doorcampers. (Place reinforced glass windows) Place a Metal Shop Front on this wall frame. Finish the second floor. This is the first triangle loot room. These are the other two loot rooms. (1 sqaure & one triangle) Place a floor frame & ladder hatch right here. Now let’s start the honeycomb. Now, let’s start the shooting floor with peak-downs. Then place roofs. As you saw, some of the roofs don’t have enough stability. To fix this, just place a wall frame. Finally, the base is complete. All we have to do is place all doors and what not. I like to put my window protection like this, but you can do it differently. On the right along the wall, this is a great spot to put a row of furnaces. Now let’s start upgrading everything. You can upgrade this foundation to armored by breaking the TC, upgrading it, then replacing the TC. Otherwise, it’s difficult. And that’s all for upgrading. You can always upgrade to whatever you want, accept the pieces that I upgraded to make the base stronger but keeps it cheap too. Now start placing everything else. Of course, you can do everything differently, but this is a standard but good way to place things. Now start placing windows. Like always, you can do this differently but this is a good but easy way of securing windows. Also, any type of metal embrasure prevents a raider from softside picking the window next to it. And there you have it. That is my Solo/Duo/Trio base design for Rust. I hope you enjoyed it! Here’s a little cinematic clip to showcase the base. Hope you enjoy my base design! See you next time!

Rust Base Design – Solo/Duo/Trio – 49 Rockets

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