The design started in September – that was about three weeks of design and finishing and then it was about a week or two later that we got the email saying that we won. We probably spent about a week on ideation and then the computer model really helps with that too because you know, you have a loose direction but then figuring out how to model it will also really inform what the final thing looks like. My role was to adjust their design to be manufacturable and easily manufactural through our printers. I’m gonna say maybe 45 hours for the entire print, which, considering how long
it would take this make by hand I’d say that’s a considerable amount of time savings. Combining the disciplines that, together, make Sheridan such an exceptional learning community, I think is really represented in the Mace project. There are three specific flutes, each one is actually for each of the different campuses of Sheridan. We have the Sheridan symbol kind of inside. The actual shape of it, it’s like growing or expanding, it’s like a flower. There’s a lot to figure out and it’s a great
learning process, and it’s also going to beautiful when it comes out and it’s always going to be used at Convocation and
I’m going to see it when I graduate [laughs].

Sheridan | The Design and Creation of The Sheridan Mace
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