Setting up the game and recording environment Compiling and starting the game The on screen cursor is controlled using the computer mouse I’ll start by showing the basic movement of the player. The button text shows you the keys I’m pressing Enemies will spawn periodically
Shoot them using the left mouse button You can eat the berries they drop when dead to increase your size Each round the game color palette is randomized Be mindful of your size when playing
It represents your health If an enemy reaches your head, it will bite decreasing your size Enemies have trouble moving through large crowds, use this to your advantage Each round, the enemies you face get faster and spawn in larger groups But the more your survive and kill, the stronger you’ll get You get a loading screen when waiting for an opponent to connect If no one joins in 10 seconds you’ll be put back on the main menu In this mode you both move and shoot simultaneously Each player has their own enemies but both can eat any strawberry on the ground Colliding with your opponent can damage or even kill you You can also damage your opponent by shooting them. Headshots deal more damage The “Quit” button safely closes the game

Skane Royale Editon – LCOM final project
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