I like the dynamic type of Implementation Wave I because firstly it says implementation which I’ll say more about in a second Secondly, it says Wave I So firstly, you’re the leaders but you’re not on your own There are going to be other waves I don’t know how many other waves actually Maybe only one more But it’s a very catchy title So I’m rather excited that we’re finally turning words into action I want to see action I want to see results I know all of you do as well I know the rest of the University does as well We’ve been talking about SMARTER for what seems like quite a long time now We’ve been gathering a lot of information There’s a great deal of conviction at the senior management team and certainly in my head That this is the right thing to do It’s the right thing for The University
of Hong Kong It will make the University a better place I’m absolutely convinced of that But the delivery is the key And that’s very much what we’re expecting of this group So implementation and turning words into action showing some results probably finding some problems but hopefully solving some of them and certainly understanding why we have such problems We don’t expect it to be all smooth implementation But the key messages that we’re actually getting on with now turning these great thoughts and
important plans into something that will really make a meaningful difference to the University So I’m very grateful to everybody in the room for all the hard work I know it has already got on and for all the hard work that you are
about to undertake as you become implementers in Wave 1 So an exciting moment Words into action Let’s make it work Let’s make it happen And let’s make The University of Hong Kong an even better place Thank you very much

SMARTER Launch Ceremony Implementation Wave I – President’s Remark
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