SOCRATES will introduce an innovative system
that will be able to detect the intruders in the spectrum before the threat can become
serious… detecting its geographic location. Current systems are not able to cope with
this problem. They are bulky and expensive. SOCRATES will introduce a disruptive Internet
of Things architecture that will leverage emerging trends in science and technology
such as big data, deep learning networks, crowdsourcing… The spectrum is a scarce resource and protecting
it means to protect the economic opportunities of networks, such as 5G, GPS, and aviation
communication. However, with today’s cheap technology and
online instructions it’s very easy for attackers to create a disruptive problem for this communication. Examples are, for instance, fake cellular
towers that can intercept traffic from mobile devices and jammers that can destroy the communication
of drones. There are several key reasons for that. First, we will use the Electrosense network,
that is already operative in production at small scale. Second, we are collaborating with partners
such us KU Leuven and Electrosense. We have a long-lasting collaboration with
them and this will allow a smooth start of the project. Finally, we will use an agile approach that
will allow early demonstrations of the project and introduce feedback from potential stakeholders.

SOCRATES PROJECT: Shielding the electromagnetic spectrum
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