hi this is Kyle Postlewait aka Malkere at
Big Kitty Games it’s June 11th 2017 and in this video we’re going to take a look at the
current state of the building system in Solace Crafting. Building is one of my
favorite parts of survival games often we need to build crafting facilities or
places to store a good sometimes we like to just build a huge castle because we
can or a village for us and our friends to share I think this is something that
the game should encourage and support rather than force players to study and
grind for so I designed the building interface and Solace Crafting to try and
make building as easy as possible. We can start just by pressing V or accessing it
through the menus and first we need to select an area to build in, can’t build
over ourselves or you know around trees or in rocks anything like that and the
first thing that shows up here is the layout. Now you see this is bound to my
rotating. You probably can’t see it in the video but there’s a little red line
here that indicates north so what this does is I can use W A S and D to move
this dummy box around and I can actually use E and Q to go up and down and later
we’ll look at rotation as well but W being forward actually follows me so
that this is also forward so you don’t have to remember which directions nor
you just have to know which direction you’re facing much more intuitive so
I’ll start out by building some foundations we do have to have something
to build on to if I try to build a wall up in the air
it’ll say there’s nothing bound to attach to but what I am doing here is
simply moving the box with the WASD keys and hitting spacebar to construct
because I already have a recipe selected if I choose what floor goes like that
cetera and I can deconstruct these just as easily these are the different
positions of a single building area this 3×3 cube is one area we were building
the floor so now this is blue showing that there is in fact the foundation here
this is the center only stairs right now and these are the edges where we have
Norway’s walls and windows and this is where rotation comes in which is Z and X
on the keyboard of course we can use the buttons if we
like to to do any of these so very quickly I can set up some walls get some
windows get a door you can add a door and besides me talking that took about
20 seconds you know and we’ve got a nice little house we don’t have a roof yet
but I close the interface once there and now I can go out and start a brand new
building somewhere totally else, or you can see if I select something that is
already present I get a blue indicator and then we’ll latch right on to that
and we can see here I’ve got some walls there’s nothing in the center let’s
build some stairs and again very quickly I can add flooring and then that’s a much better
house there I think not a lot of recipes in yet but all in
good time now that the system is all working and bug free new things can
definitely be added in very quickly one thing I wanted to point out too was how
there’s no fussy physics going on here I can actually build straight out
like this I already showed I can’t build in the air won’t let me do that but I
can build which is you know more or less an impossible shape and if I go in and
I deconstruct something randomly I should fall but I don’t and to be honest
I like it that way the alternative being making towers and things fall to the
ground when you accidentally pull out a wall that was really important in a lot
of other games I’ve lost you know hours of work because the physics engine
didn’t like something that I did or I made a mistake whatever I think it’s
more rewarding to focus on the creative outlet side of it and then the realistic
side of it so I don’t think that will be added into the game making people’s
buildings fall apart we could make it a setting easily enough but certainly not
a priority I also wanted to show I made real quick
just yesterday here I added in a round sort of a tower shape sort of like a castle turret we are
building using box areas here definitely but that doesn’t mean that we need to
limit ourselves to square shapes at all it’s my hope in time to add all kinds
of different shapes right now we’re only using three by three cubes but it would
be nice to have some things that actually take up a 6×6 area you know
like a big castle arch like an arched doorway or whatnot and that’s totally
possible definitely looking forward to doing that you know to let people build
a wizard’s tower or a Japanese castle or a sprawling obstacle course or whatever
with traps and jump pads and teleport pads they might not help you conquer
evil but they can still be a lot of fun of course we are free to build you know
in different biomes atop floating island even off in the mountains
hundreds of kilometers away that’s not a hundred kilometers away but just for
example because we can travel freely back and forth between them with our
dimension crystals here which I’ll be talking about in another video shortly
here we can access our stored resources from anywhere to help us push deeper and
deeper into the wild so I hope to make player building as fun I hope to
encourage it and I hope it’s rewarding thanks for watching

Solace Crafting – Player Building – June 2017
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5 thoughts on “Solace Crafting – Player Building – June 2017

  • June 11, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Nice video! Keep it up!

  • January 17, 2018 at 4:24 am

    I wanted to support your game I purchased a copy on Steam! I also told me friends about it hopefully they will support you as well. Are you planning on adding mounts? Boats?

  • January 18, 2018 at 11:44 am


  • January 21, 2018 at 5:06 am

    I saw your game on steam when i was just browsing the store it peeked my interest and i plan on buying it in the future (cant buy it right now 🙁 ) but it looks like the game is really going to be great from what i read dose not seam like there are many mobs/mob types but i cant wait to see what kind of monsters and stuff you add to the game and how it all go's also i wanted to ask (of course you might have been planing on adding it in the future but just want to make shear) do you plan on ever adding multiplayer to the game (not saying like PVP servers and all) basically a way to be able to get like a few friends and play the game together since the map seams to be MASSIVE if so maybe you could make it so the more players there are in one instance the harder it is by default and there is no way to turn it off so the more players you bring with you the harder it gets like mob spawns are more they can do more damage like to give that feel as if your in a dungeon and even tho you have great gear you have to REALLY and i mean REALLY work to beat the boss type of feel to it just was wanting to ask that but other then that it looks like a outstanding game with MANY possibilities and potential keep up the great work cant wait to see more videos with updates and also subscribed and turned notifications on just for that i love games like this that you are making and i hope everything go's as planed for you have a nice day. 🙂

  • January 27, 2018 at 12:09 am

    just bought this game would def recomend it cant wait to see the stuff thats gonna be added into it


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