[MUSIC]>>What is some good advice about UI design that I can give all of you? First of all, I don’t
want to say UI design. I want to say engineering. Go first with the jobs to be done. What is the purpose of the thing? Okay. Really work on
your user jobs framework. What are people trying to accomplish? Why would they use this thing? Second, look at IDEO. We call it human-centered
design approach. Like there’s feasibility,
there’s desirability, like is a beautiful, and then there’s viability
of the business model. I think often in UI, we tend to look at the pretty stuff because it’s fun and animations, and then you look at
this cool effect. A lot of that can
actually get in the way. So I would really encourage
everybody to think about what problem are you
trying to solve for whom, and test it fast. Don’t worry about
the last minute pixel-perfect. That’s the final mile. If you are Pixar working on an animated movie, you don’t do your
final frame rendering, until you have most
of the story done. Then let your users tell you. You will be surprised. I guarantee you every
time what people prefer, and why they prefer it. Doesn’t mean you should
ignore aesthetics. Usability is part of quality, right? But utility trumps usability. People, if the thing isn’t
useful in the first place, it doesn’t matter
how beautiful it is. You’ll never know. All right. Think about utility
and then usability. [MUSIC]

Some good advice about UI design? | One Dev Question
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    Why only one? We want more!

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    typical microsoft. now lets go to apple and ask the same question. There's a reason apple is the richest company on earth with the biggest pile of cash. People appreciate aesthetics and love to buy their products, plus they also work together seamlessly in harmony. As Steve Jobs once said Microsoft has absolutely no taste and in a big way. Their products are pedestrian and like McDonalds. After this video we can be sure now

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    Thank you!


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