we became world champions this is the prototype course students from steam legacy high school used to win the world champion title this little city from South Korea the sort of the school from South Gate these kids from immigrant parents we were able to accomplish and become world champions in the automotive field with engineering they competed in the 2019 horizon Grand Prix a program addressing climate change by having students create and put to the test legacy win they made history in the competition we were the first team in the whole competition to actually be able to run truly on hydrogen whenever we show it off to the judges they're blown away during the race steam legacy was strategic and raised switching off between electricity and hydrogen the organizer said steam legacy traveled a total of about 53 miles in six hours that is ridiculously impressive these students are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a fuel cell powered vehicle and the most lasting impact these students will have on the automotive industry is how hydrogen fuel cell technicians will be trained in the future we were going against private schools we were going against like top-notch schools from all over the world and to know that we come from a public school that we can't be all of those people is like it shows how much dedication takes you to the top and it's not really the money and where you come from it's really how much hard work you willing to put into it hello I'm Marc Brown click the abc7 logo to subscribe to our eyewitness news YouTube channel

South Gate students make history with hydrogen prototype vehicle I ABC7

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