>>STEPHEN LEYBOURNE: I think that, at BU,
and certainly in our department at BU, we’re very good at equipping students with the skills
that they will need in the real world of work. We don’t really have generalist management
jobs anymore. Managers tend to specialize. If managers are going to specialize, then
do they need a generalist Master’s, or would you be better off with something that’s
specifically tailored to your own particular specialization, your own particular strengths?
You know, if you’re a project manager, do a Master’s in Project Management. We get access to state of the art, extremely
up to date management practice, which people are coming into the classes and sharing in
the discussion forums and in the group work. And one of the things that I think we do very
well at BU is we create an infrastructure and a platform so that that information can
be shared. Online, students are not just learning from
the professors, they’re actually learning from each other as well.

Stephen Leybourne: Master of Science in Project Management
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