(upbeat music) – Today we’re going to
visit a construction site. When you see construction, it means our community is growing. New buildings provide shelter. Here they are building a parking lot and a baseball stadium. Before we go on to the site, let’s go into the office to learn how they plan for construction
before they build. Hi. – [Tim] Oh, good morning, how are you? – Good morning. – Tim Sterling. – Penny. – Hi Penny, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Well welcome. I’m glad you guys could
join us this morning. Climb right up there, there you go. Okay, so we’re gonna
talk about construction and construction starts with an idea. Well you’ve heard of the
Florida Marlins, right? – [Kids] Yeah. – Okay so they’re getting
a brand new stadium right? – [Kids] Yeah. – So in order to the
baseball game everyone needs a place to park right? – [Kids] Yes. – Somebody had that idea
and what happened then, is they hired architects
and engineers to draw the drawings or the plans for the stadium and the parking garages. – So is the baseball field
going to be here or there? – [Tim] So what’s going to happen, what you’re looking at are elevations, so these are the sides
of the parking garages and in between the parking
garages is the stadium. So if you look up here at this drawing, you can see there are two
parking garages on the north side and two parking garages on the south side and the big building that’s
in the middle is the stadium. Guess how many parking spaces
will be in this stadium. – [Kids] 100. – Oh, more than that. – [Girl] 1,000. – More than a thousand. – More than a thousand ? – 105. – When we get done with
the parking garages and the parking lots,
there’ll be 6,000 spaces. – [Kids] Wow. – Can you imagine 6,000 cars here? Okay, we’ve looked at the planning now are you guys ready
to see the construction? – [All kids] Yes! – Alright, let’s go. – [Boy] I’m running. – I’d like to introduce you to Joe Franco who’s one of our
superintendents who’s looking after the project. – Good morning everybody, how you doing? welcome to the Suffolk construction here at the Marlin’s ballpark. Before we get started, I wanna give you guys some safety equipment. Try that on and see if it fits. Does anybody know why we
have to have a hard hat? Go ahead, why? – [Boy] Cause if something’s
in the way that’s really small in case we bump our heads. – In case you bump your head. Now, we’re gonna hand
out some safety vests. Similar to what I’m wearing. And these safety vests we put them on, if you notice the bright colors, so people can see us. Some other equipment that I have on that you guys aren’t wearing today, is I have what they call
personal full protection. And then I take this extra hook right here and when I’m hooked on to something like this, I can’t fall down. This is gonna stop me from falling. When would I use this ? – [Boy] When you’re up really high. – When I’m up in the air, when
I’m working high, exactly. How about if I was digging a hole? – [Boy] Yeah. – Yeah, right cause it would keep me from falling into the hole. So the other thing I
have on is my work boots. I’m standing on rocks and metal I might step on a nail
and these work boots help keep us safe. – [Tim] The next thing we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna over and take a look at a vibratory roller. – Joe Bran, you got a copy? – I can come back. – Yeah, hey can I get
you over to the roller we got a group here, we wanna start this roller up for them please. – Yeah 10- 4. – [Tim] Now when we start this machine that drum will shake,
in addition to rolling it’s gonna shake and
what that’s going to do is compact the soil so
that we can drive on it. Why don’t you guys climb up there, and you can stand by the operator seat so you can see what the operator sees when he runs the machine. There ya go, fantastic. Okay. – [Penny] Put on your seatbelt. – [Tim] Yeah, safety
belt, just like in a car. So here we go. (engine roars) See how it rolls? – [Girl] It has big wheels. – [Tim] Right, it has big wheels and you can go walk on it
now, it’s nice and hard. Thank you for the demonstration. The next thing we’re gonna
learn is how to hammer nails. And Joe is gonna show us
how to do that safely. And Joe you wanna talk to us about what we need to have here? – First thing I’d like
to do is get you guys a hammer holder. So maybe you can help him put this on. Here a set of googles
and let’s put these on. Okay so right now we got our goggles. The next thing we’re
gonna need is a hammer. Can anybody help me decide to use a hammer like this? – [All kids] No. – [Joe] No I don’t think
so, that’s for pegs. How about this one here,
is this a good one? – [All kids] No. – No that’s for metal
right, that’s not for wood. How about these hammers ? – [All kids] Yes. – Alright, so everybody pick a hammer. I got a hammer too. So the most important thing
that we have to remember when we’re hammering a
nail is to get the nail set and then move our fingers away. And then I’m just gonna hit the nail, nice and easy. I don’t have to hit it so hard and make it go away in one shot. And I’m just gonna keep on hitting it til it goes all the way in. Think you can do that? – [All kids] Yes. – Anybody wanna try it ? – [Girl] Me! – That’s a nail. – That’s a nail. (hammering) – [Tim] Very good, there you go, you just take that and
straighten it out, very good. (hammering) – Let’s go over here and
we’re gonna do some digging. Okay I want you to take your shovel push it into the pile of rock and I want you to take your
dirt and move it over here. – [Penny] That’s a
little bit, that’s a lot. – [Tim] Keep digging a lot. – [Penny] How tall do you think it is now? It’s tall, do you think it’s
almost as tall as your knees? It’s definitely up to your shin. – [Tim] While we’re digging
we’ll make a little bigger pile. – [Penny] So lets make a bigger pile, let’s make it taller and big. It’s getting taller. Come over and let’s measure
it next to your feet. Wow, it’s getting taller, it’s almost all the way up to your knee. – Okay here we go, that’s
good for the digging, you guys did a great job. Look at that big pile that you made. – [Boy] What’s that? – [Tim] That’s a big truck
in there, you see that? Now if you remember on the other side where they were moving all the dirt, remember that from this morning? – [All kids] Uh huh. – [Tim] This side used
to look just like that. Now we’re actually building the building up from the foundations. That surface those guys
are making up there is where you’re gonna drive your car when you come to the Marlins,
Florida Marlins ball game. And what that crane’s doing is that’s helping these
guys lift those forms. And that is what they use to
tilt these walls into place. So on these walls, you see those orange braces that are coming down? Those brace the walls to
hold the building together. – Thank you very much for showing
us your construction site. – You’re very welcome, happy to have you. It was nice to meet all of you, you did a great job today. – [Girl] Thank you. – Very good workers, glad to have you. (upbeat music)

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