welcome to four-wheel builds there’s a
new project car because I think Subaru BRZ TS morning everyone it’s 6:00 a.m. on a
Sunday morning and we’re heading out to have a look at a brand new build that we
want to buy for the for the channel for our drawing for just about two hours
for the particular make my drive I hit a bus
so let’s get cracking and let’s go take a look at our next potential build I’m
sure you will love it remember where we used to there is story to nothing can bring us now sweet all
together no not even time to slip us now cuz we and that she’s there she’s she’s arrived
midnight or actually past midnight rody look at that we’ll be dark can’t really see much there’s their mind image we’ll take out
that no I read that should be right she’s a beauty exciting times ahead is one I am Inamori the guy drops off
the car all right this far I went on simply hosted it started me ourselves
looking for this quite a large handbook for this car trying to determine as to
how to keep this bloody thing started and I’ve been moving back into the drive
I said have you will get that sub Edna in a minute aside okay so that’s gonna be a wrap for for
today for tonight it’s like I said one o’clock you know yeah nearly took okay
morning because been delivered sitting in a driver we got it started
finally it’s dark so just probably not much point to do anything further right
now we’ll come and revisit the car tomorrow
and give you a better glance and so you can see it from a close-up and see what
it looks like and see what needs to be done so we’ll see you guys tomorrow
hey guys it is an exponent here and I wanted to show you a new build this is
not the new build this is old build Pima still to be finished
heshes yeah that’s a top okay let me maybe take that top off and I’ll get
quick look as to what we got okay I presumably you guys are not impressed by
different but as you can see that’s the cupboard Oh God
it’s a 2018 Subaru BRZ tes model is that badge right there which means June by
STI now to the best of my knowledge about a thousand of these coming out
worldwide 502 new us three hundred to Japan 100 to Canada and 100 to New
Zealand and Australia I believe do let me know if I’m mistaken did research
that’s what I got okay so let me show you around the car and maybe let’s start
from the back that seems to be the nicest area of the car this point in
time there guy go guys that’s that’s the the good end you could say of the car twin exhausts black black lettering or
black markings which are apparently unique to this to this release 20
exhausts aspects tendered Piazzi huge I mean huge big real authentic carbon
fiber wing by SDI now apparently from what I read on forums this does help out
high space because these guys are satellite that a high speeds it’s a
little bit jittery yeah that’s what I’ve been told I haven’t driven one he has
yet another test space to be able to you know advise you any better really sick
looking LED lamps or back lamps really dig in this color not quite just of what
the color code is wood enamel it is this is but I will find out addition side
skirts rear rear bumper skirt also STI items quite expensive and
luckily for me all those parts are really in really really good shape on
this car we do have one piece of damage here on the rear bumper which will need
to be addressed but you know obviously compared to the front that’s not so much
big big exhaust tips to of okay so maybe let’s move towards the
front we have 18 inch alloy STR wheels around two cylinder Brembo calipers at
the back and four cylinder equivalent at the front and as you can see the car up
to the doors is quite fine and there’s that STI side skirt that I mentioned
which is luckily in good shape because as I mentioned before these parts are
quite expensive front full Brembos so back from and this is applies to both
sides but at this point on so front of the the door defenders all this needs to
be fixed so the major impact of this car was occurred on a left hand side so yeah
as you can see the lights well there is nobody the light has
disintegrated it looks far worse than I think he believes but definitely the
leader engine cover both left and right in this front bumper grills I need to be
replaced luckily after there is an addition this
splitter at the front also might die STI which is in good shape
luckily for us once again you know these these these parts can get quite
expensive so the more the more can solve Isabella this valley has disintegrated
this fight has broken it works but has broken tabs is it salvageable
I don’t know as it will see the addition the badge obviously here is good
this piece here once again nasty eye piece is also good which is lucky for us
once again we think you give it very very large scar so guys as you can say
engines in really really good condition looks pretty much brand-new this is this
is only got twenty three twenty seven thousand kilometres on the clock not
miles this car is was import from Canada so it’s in kilometers but as you can see
the piece here the lights integrated the cooling systems go on ventilators are
also obviously fairly well damaged at the number of plastics on the on the
engine are gone there should be a a box a filter box
right here but there isn’t one so it’s also obviously disintegrated the ABS
pump has been shifted back so that needs to be obviously fixed there’s a number
of lines which are kinked these need to be replaced some I think the front
handle and wiring is frayed so we need to need to get that fixed up made to do
but I’m sorry that’s not the lamp that’s actually their ips bumper wiring that’s
that’s me shot that’s there’s wiring forehead headlamp right here and that
also will need some work to it done I would be looking for the fan headlamps
I’m not sure if you forgot oh yeah me it or aftermarket as you can see that the
radiator the cool eyes is all gone the front support is all bent up so that we
need to replace actually the whole front section up to here needs to be replaced
other good thing is these are all from us I can sell I can tell bolt on parts
which is which is good but you can see the reminder of the car is actually
looking really really really well engines really clean I do have a body
guy coming either today or tomorrow depending us to his availability
he asked me not to take the car not to start taking the car apart as yet as he
wants to see the damage as he appears now apparently dad sir allows him to get
there his first impressions or indications as to you know how the
accident occurred and what he should be looking at when he’s when he’s got the
car on the frame machine I am wanting to I guess find the potentially previous
owner of this car just to get some Magus some feedback from him from her that the
car asked what I had and what they done to it I don’t have any lock nuts to take
this wheel off so either we need to figure something out and maybe go to the
Subaru dealership and see if I can get a replacement or get it taken off or if
potentially find the you know the previous owner died or he or she might
have it and be able to deliver also got a single key for the car
so we’d obviously like to get the second if possible so have I harm here we’ll do
a bit of research and see if I can point you know go back to the previous owner
and say that won’t help us yet yeah like I said the doors in pretty good shape so
I mean all the damage is essentially done going from here front woods yeah
I’m not a body person but that doesn’t seem to be any other sort of damage all
the other gaps at least simply line up quite well so if you look at the the
door real sort of gap it seems to follow a fairly good line okay so let’s let’s
maybe now take a look inside the car so we’ve got a key and he’s a you know like
I said we only got the one key so this guy look kinda open doors fully as yet
just due to the fact that we’ve got that fender damage and it’s a little bit
filthy and grimy on the inside and there’s different console so I just said
it cause in killing media is not miles as it was imported from Canada it’s got yeah a lot of buttons for the
audio system has per norm you know for 2018 kasnia as a radio sat-nav
navigation GPS touchscreen all that kind of stuff mama say I haven’t sort of had
a chance to play around with it so we not even know what’s what’s what so what
can be done with this luckily now for our temperatures in Europe here and said
she got heated seats economy are heating obviously the red button which is the
start button for that for the car which is you know very a central piece in this
car it’s got nice STI STI gear gear knob and the car obviously needs to have be
able to be cleaned up but other than that it’s quite good to the states it’s
got really nice seats you know let’s think you’ve been at least nice and
comfy when you’re standing in place with the TS logo embroidered on nice red
leather and the suede creams son which is also on on the doors and also has so
you know these material accents on there on the on the console so you know on
there and also on here it’s good luck I suede so cover over the bed Kosta we see
their standard seats Mars red seatbelts we sort accents the cars game of this
car thank you for joining us I hope you join
our next episodes as we go through the process of actually building these
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Taking delivery of WRECKED project car – 2018 Subaru BRZ tS Rebuild – Episode 1
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