Hi, I’m Dr. John Pecora and we’re here today to discuss how you can create a significant new source of revenue for your clinic, through sales of Tempur-Pedic mattresses and pillows.

Today many successful chiropractors are using Tempur-Pedic mattress sales to generate substantial extra income. And they’re doing it without having to stock or ship a single mattress. The process comes down to just a couple simple conversations with your patients starting with “How are you sleeping?”

From there, the Tempur-Pedic Blueprint Success Kit provides you all the tools you’ll need to explain the benefits of Tempur-Pedic technology. Included in the kit is the Blueprint Booklet which is a guide specially prepared for chiropractors, which provides step-by-step instructions and information on Tempur-pedic technology and products. The essential steps are also summarized in this Pocket-Size Sales Assist Sheet, which you’ll want to keep handy. You’ll also find this bundle of 25 Consumer Brochures, helpful for communicating to your patients the Tempur-Pedic benefits and the new Adapt collection of mattresses, specifically designed to be more innovative and responsive than any other mattress that’s come before. From there, you’ll also find the golf ball test, a simple and fun way to demonstrate the relative firmness or softness of different TEMPUR materials. By dropping the ball on the material squares, you can demonstrate how TEMPUR materials resist bouncing and cradle the sleeper in energy-absorbing comfort. This two-sided Tempur-Pedic authorized dealer window cling, instantly identifies your practice as an authority on sleep and an authorized source for quality mattresses, giving your patients the confidence they are working with a true Tempur-Pedic practitioner. Now not every patient will be immediately ready to make the investment in a mattress. But you can still offer them the benefits of a Tempur-Pedic sleep experience with other products: The bundle kit also contains two pillows: The contoured TEMPUR-Neck pillow and the TEMPUR-Adapt ProMid + Cooling pillow, both of which can be offered for retail sale in your clinic. Use the two samples included, to demonstrate each, and be sure to order a supply to have on hand for any patient who wants to purchase and take one home. The bundle kit mattress topper sample is made of original TEMPUR material, and instantly improves the support and comfort of any bed or sofa. It’s an affordable way to offer your patients a Tempur-Pedic sleep experience until they’re ready to invest in a mattress. The accompanying Information Card outlines five great reasons for offering this popular retail item. The final items you’ll find in the kit are two copies of the Tempur-Pedic Product Guide, a comprehensive source of information covering the entire Tempur-Pedic product line. The complete descriptions, product comparisons and answers to frequently asked questions, make it a go-to source of essential Tempur-Pedic knowledge. And of course, your MeyerDC representative is a resource you can always turn to. He or she will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about maximizing and enhancing your Tempur-Pedic knowledge and revenue potential. We all talk to our patients on a regular basis about their sleep patterns and how sleep affects their health. It’s time you’re compensated for your knowledge and expertise. And by providing a quality Tempur-pedic solution to help your patients reach their health goals…it’s a win win. Help your patients…
Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer.
And wake up Rejuvenated. Thanks for your time and please let your personal MeyerDC Account Manager know if you have any questions.

Tempur-Pedic Blueprint Kit – Retail Kit for Chiropractors
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