[Music] a DP a miniature microphone capsule is approximately four by five and a half millimeters in size that’s a pretty small space for a mic that delivers such a big sound to show you just how amazing the capsule construction is in this tiny confined space we need to enlarge the capsule a bit let’s look at it in a much larger perspective 20,000 times larger in fact what was once a tiny capsule is now the size of a soccer field 80 by 110 meters let’s imagine the soccer pitch as the mic capsules back plate the diaphragm is mounted only 2 metres above the back plate and is stretched so tightly so that even at the very center of the pitch it barely dips as you can see even at this size the construction is amazingly compact now imagine that you’re standing about 60 meters away from a jet with its engine running yet you’re standing in a pretty loud space at this extremely high sound pressure level which is approximately 114 dB the diaphragm moves less than four millimeters the movement in a real miniature microphone is almost too small to imagine this construction is inside each and every one of our four by five and a half millimeter miniature microphone capsules not only is it an amazing feat of engineering in itself it allows our miniature mics to deliver the most accurate and clear sound you have ever heard [Music]

The amazing construction of a miniature microphone capsule
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  • November 17, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    They do sound mighty 😀


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