We’re creating a smarter, more sustainable
Sydney. We all know coal-powered electricity
is bad for the environment. And during peak periods, the cost to use it sky-rockets! That’s why we’re increasing our
renewable energy. Because while the cost of fossil fuel
keeps going up, the cost for renewables is going down. Not only will it cut Sydney’s carbon emissions, it will also save money in the long term. So we’ve set a target for thirty per cent of
electricity to come from renewables by 2030. After all, we live in one of the sunniest cities
in the world. Where we can harness the sun’s energy easily. So we’re aiming to install two thousand
kilowatts of solar panels on over thirty of our city buildings, and cut emissions by around three
thousand tonnes a year. That’s two thousand flights from here to London!. And if you think wind turbines only look like this. Think again. We’ve already got these micro turbines
on rooftops in the city. We can even create gas from waste. There’s enough energy contained in waste
to power our entire trigeneration network. Renewable energy is used around the world. Renewable energy will help us reduce our
carbon emissions by seventy per cent by 2030. Creating a Sustainable Sydney 2030. A green, global and connected city.

The City of Sydney’s blueprint for renewable energy
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