[Music] [Music] try No – is the former harbor area in Cologne which is being under revival since 2002 the most valuable historic buildings were saved and all the voids are being filled with modern office architecture gran Hauser are the part of this modernization reference to the crane is pretty obvious but this architecture has more history than that [Music] the idea of horizontal skyscraper originates from Russia in mid-20s where Elliot’s keep tried to revolutionize modern urbanism his main concern was a rational densification of medieval city centers without interfering with transport network in addition he claimed that vertical movement is unnatural for people so he preferred horizontal structures these ideas were never implemented but remained inspiring through decades getting back to Germany gran Hauser r3 office skyscrapers to consist of 14 floors 9 vertical and five horizontal the biggest one accordingly has 11 and 9 horizontal elements are 70 meters long and look like traditional blocks moved 40 meters up at a first glance it looks really impressive and complicated to construct but actually cantilever parts have only 16 meters the proportions are key to the unusual feeling of a heavy mass hanging in the air since there is a lot of space around it doesn’t feel intimidating buildings are surrounded for public space that effectively connects Kallang to the river connection though is only visual since for now there is not a single place when people can leave the elevated boulevard and walk down to the water overall this could be a great place for lunch breaks during the work day but right now it is still empty all the time the fact that this side of the river is always in shadow for sure doesn’t help with empowering full potential of this nice public development let’s hope that this is only the beginning and it will partly relief from crowds the extremely dense city center outdoors architects from Haditha Hourani made sure that buildings are meeting very demanding german ecological norms double layered glass facade hides electronic blinds system which protects the interior from overheating even more interesting is the fact that the cooling system is based on cold water provided by deep wells built specifically for the project this area of cologne has a great potential to the cool public space but it is not quite there yet for now more and more global brands like Microsoft or Electronic Arts are moving in along with local hipster design startups let’s keep the fingers crossed and monitor how the space will be changing in the future [Music] if you want to be part of a static curiosity community hit subscribe and see you next time just stay curious

The Cloud Irons | Cologne, Germany | architecture explained
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