(light music) – At lot of times when clients come to us, they come with a variety of reasons. It’s because what they’re
currently doing isn’t working. They know their processes are clunky, they know they’re not
getting reports on time. A lot of times they don’t trust the information that they’re getting, so they know they have a problem but they don’t quite
know how to get there. We’ve spent nearly 15 years
developing this formula for successful onboarding
process with our clients. And the lessons that
we’ve learned from that is that it’s necessary for us to dedicate the resources upfront to address all of the pain points. At point at which a client
comes to the startup team, they’ve already gone
through the sales process. But what we do, is we wanna refine that to get to each of the details, take a deep dive into each
phase of what we’re doing. We know it’s an uncomfortable stage because we’re asking
for a lot of their time. They’re opening themselves
up to all of the areas that you know aren’t going well and so we have to learn their personnel, their processes, where they are, what struggles they’re going through, where they want to go so that we can put applications in place, we can put processes in place that will allow them to move
to where they want to go. Not just where they are, so that that volume increases, workflow doesn’t
necessarily have to change. So what’s unique about www.accountingdepartment.com is that we do assign a full team to start up these. We have five people that
are assigned to every client and what that does is that gives them the
full range of support. It’s a full team approach to making sure that things
won’t fall through the cracks. We want to set you up for success when we transition you
to the permanent team and you’re up and running. From the beginning we wanna
foster a relationship of trust always with the end goal of being able to get them information that will help them to run their business. That’s what they’ve been
missing before they came to us. (upbeat music) The implementation team has
a very specialized skill set. It’s non-stop, ongoing, all the time looking for different
technology, better technology, different processes. We want to make sure that
we’re always on the forefront of new technology so that we can bring that to our clients so that they can benefit from
a more efficient process. Because it’s not cookie cutter in a sense that we’d one thing
that we did for this client we can do across-the-board, we have to make adjustments as appropriate for a particular client’s needs. As we go through each
phase with the client, we’re documenting all of that. There’s no re-learning, the client doesn’t have to
then get a permanent team and have to re-teach them all the things that we went through during that eight to 10 week process. Our implementation team works extensively with the permanent team to make sure that they’re comfortable. They’ll be on calls,
you’ll know their faces, it’s not a cold handoff, the clients will know their permanent team well in advance of the transition. In the end, they come out of that implementation stage looking completely different than they did when they came in. (light music)

The Evolution of Accounting Services Implementation
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