hello San Francisco how are you doing I hope you’re ready for this because this
is going to be epic and I want to hear how ready you are so let’s do a quick
interactive activity so please respond to me hell yeah in a little bit okay so
you’re going to say hell yeah and it’s going to be if you’re ready to become a
better designer say hell yeah if you want to turn into a design leader say
hell yeah if you sometimes question what the hell does a product manager even do
say hell yeah if you wonder why the implementation looks so different from
your turtle type oh my god it looks so horrible say hell yes if you sometimes
experience self-doubt that’s a creative and you feel like you’re faking it and
you wonder if other people are going to find out that you don’t know what you’re
doing and the little voices in your head tell you you’re a fake you have no
talent you should quit say hell yeah that’s the
spirit that’s the spirit of the creative always
carrying that soul-crushing insecurity today I’m going to teach you how to deal
with that crippling fear by pretending that you’re a great designer
by tricking everyone into thinking that you are an industry leader yes
tricking because let’s face it my friends we don’t know what we’re doing
but don’t worry because Pablo is here to help you okay because yes Pablo is a
professional designer which means Pablo is a pro at faking it okay if there’s
something I have learned in this industry is that you are encouraged to
fake it the faker you are the more successful
you can be now say it with me
the faker you are the more successful you can be
that’s the secret my friends today I’m going to give you tips and tricks on
three subjects okay creativity productivity leadership let’s start with
creativity and I want to help you make people think you’re creative geniuses
okay so let’s start with distracting with the light you just at this point
what you just don’t know how to justify your excessive use of animations your
witty copy and all of those generic cute illustrations just throw the word
delight in the mix and it all sounds delicious right the lights talk about
how you understand the user psychology how you’re creating an experience people
will love who cares if your solution is not practical or expensive to build or
there’s no data to back up your intuition just remind everyone you’re
establishing a lasting and emotional connection with the user ok now next
thing just confuse your co-workers using industry jargon very important yes
probably part of your design part of your job as a designer is making things
easy to understand but this is just hard ok come on use phrases like a holistic
approach or brand storytelling or other nonsense that just will will keep people
scratching their heads and afraid to ask what that even means the more buzzwords
you use the less you have to explain your actual design thinking let me
introduce you to some jargon so you can use ok so – please take some notes now
ok so affordance not about making things cheaper ok it’s something else I still
don’t know but it’s not that empathy map I don’t know maps we kind of like maps
ok empathy map card sorting which surprisingly is exactly what it sounds
you sort cards it’s kind of like a board game yeah it keeps it fun you know and
yeah MVP not about sports no no no Michael Jordan I thought it was
something like that no nothing it’s something just PMS used to just destroy
your the signs ok yeah now you search journey Maps another map
I I don’t know we’re kind of crazy about maps I don’t know what it is probably is
because we’re lost pain points pain point she’s just a nice
way of saying stuff that people hate from your crappy product conversion rate
not about turning pesos into dollars ok it says we’re already on this on this
call jargon thing you have to know your concepts on UI design ok so just take
note also all the different menus you have to learn ok was a hamburger menu
there’s the key bat menu there’s the meatballs menu grilled cheese sandwich
menu bento box this is this is real by the way there I’m not inventing this
there’s the club sandwich one that has a little olive on top
there’s a that’s not a drop-down menu that’s a Dorito many okay and
breadsticks you got out you got a gotta mix it up with the meatballs okay okay
next thing aesthetics aesthetics make aesthetics a priority over functionality
forget about solving the problem with a flow that actually works come on that’s
crazy talk all you need to do is to copy all those flashy on practical effects
you saw and dribble okay who cares if research shows that your
menu is inefficient and hard to navigate or that stock photos rarely add any
value okay stakeholders will be so wowed by all the bouncy animations and all the
Apple like white space and the left-aligned Swiss typefaces and all the
unsplash images that no one will question does it even work yeah yeah I
don’t know what that graphic means it has to be what I’m saying
but it doesn’t matter because it’s subliminal okay it’s in your mind now
okay number four learn from the best thing when I say learn I mean
copy from the best important yeah reinvent the wheel whenever you don’t
know how to solve a problem just replicate the solution from Amazon or
Apple of Facebook and just supply your own color on top of it okay when someone
challenge you say that’s how I’m some dusted and that would teach them to keep
questions to themselves next time okay Patrick if it worked for Amazon it must
work for you right I mean who cares if you’re not even a marketplace or an
e-commerce site our son is successful you can be
successful too okay number five we’re learning so much okay
oh my god make people think you’re busy that’s very important yeah you gotta
keep getting paid okay so there’s nothing better than having a
wall full of other people’s work to impress passers-by you know and ain’t
just print screenshots of different products and call it competitive
analysis add all your Pinterest pins from other talented designers and call
it inspiration and just make collages of all the terrible iterations and all the
sketches and hold the garbage you explored and call it ideation go for
quantity no no no no quality right now the important thing is to make people
believe that you have a creative and busy mind you are busy as a bee buzz
buzz buzz okay I’m pro tip you can’t just stare at the wall for hours in
silence your co-workers will think you’re deep you get sleepy just the drop
ice on your eyelids I’m awake x16 you got a misinterpret human yourself
hey we’re serious come on you’re not a modern designer if you don’t use human
Center design a CD for pros okay and when I say use I actually mean just
talk about it okay just let your co-workers about how they
don’t understand the needs and the abilities of the users tell them that
building empathy is crucial to creating meaningful products and then don’t do
anything about it okay your goal is to impress everyone with how deeply you
care about the user okay number seven how are we doing we’re doing okay yeah
taking notes am I going too fast I can go a little
bit slower now let’s go fat because we have no time stay focused on your market
who’s your market is you okay okay crush they actually believe you on the
whole human center thing and now they want an accessible design so don’t worry
just point out that the sign of Arts ability will just take a long time and
can be expensive I mean say that your target market are all healthy
Millennials that don’t even see the doctor that they have the latest device
and state-of-the-art computers and with high-speed Internet connections how do
you know you’re one of them okay you’re exactly like your users and let’s
be honest an inclusive design would potentially force you to remove all of
those marvelous scroll jackin animations you add it to your landing page so I
mean text labels they’re ugly high contrast color combinations come on
awful air clear navigation despicable okay last but not least this is sit you’ve got to bring in the
drama and make design reviews personal you got to master the art of giving
hurtful criticism you start with name-calling okay quickly just point out
something about the percentage appearance like you have a big nose
you’re fat your shirt is too white arrow something you have to just use those
valid points okay and if that doesn’t work just jump to the next level and you
just start attacking their authority whatever whatever this is just like
you’re just a senior you’re sorry not a senior you’re just a junior designer
what do you know or they’re more experienced you can just say something
like man you’re too old you have lost touch with the users you
you have that position only because of seniority okay your sellout just don’t
do that to your boss or you might get fired to your boss you only agree and
say yes Missy bossy Mac Bossypants that’s the best idea you ever had
okay okay if name-calling or attacking their authority doesn’t work then
respond to the tone of the presentation this is too boring
are you using Google slides come on a real designer uses keynote or just stay
the opposite case with no real argument or evidence sure tab navigation but have
you tried the hamburger menu or one of those other menus that we already saw
come on and then the important thing is that you never address the substance of
the design you don’t talk about the center point the problem that the sign
is trying to solve you attack the designer okay and ones are down and
broken you steal their great ideas you present
them as your own and you gain that sweet sweet credit baby oh yeah that’s the art
of the sine feedback okay okay Oh learning so much that was the first
point only okay now let’s get you sorry let me take a little bit of water this
is keep hydrated is very important to okay productivity I want you to become
well-oiled design machines okay fishing perfection ninja Weezer’s magicians
unicorns you will Bend time to be productive and with this I mean I’ll
teach you how to design everything at the last minute okay
the first thing you have to do is rearrange your workspace a clean
workspace makes makes for a better more productive ambient you know you’re so
rearrange your desk marek under your stuff take a photo
posted on instagram hashtag ready to work reply to every comment with an
inspirational quote about cleaning is like decluttering your work speed leads
to a productive day oh yeah consider writing a medium post
about it and start a draft added to the other 20 stories that you never finished
and yeah because side projects are important my friend okay now now your
turn number two oh my god what’s going on wait for inspiration any minute now
your muse will strike like a lightning bolt and your work will explode with
creativity in the meantime you can browse tribal and leave on constructive
comments like oh my god smooth awesome love this so much buttery Wow sick God
might work then visa this is defense and spent
hours browsing other people’s incredible work and you’ll serve so to start
feeling the press because you lack their talent and dedication okay but so but
that’s that’s inspiration my friends okay so next one gotta make some coffee
your brain needs caffeine to get those ideas moving so hey better yet just walk
to that hip coffee shop with long wait lines and get your favorites press it
drink nothing like an overpriced nonfat macchiato to get your creative juices
flowing this is another opportunity for an Instagram story for your for your mug
next to your laptop find the right angle use a rule of thirds
and snap right at the strips the description saying coffeeshops
keep me super inventive spend half an hour editing and selecting the right
filter okay this is productivity okay next one invest lots of time browsing
type foundries there’s always something new to check out in those hip swiss
typography shops look at those gorgeous scripts those are life of geometric
sense and oh those clever ligatures browse tests and try different type
combinations even though you never buy anything i mean come on they’re kind of
they’re kind of expensive no and and you end up using Futura anyway so yeah so a
penny saved is a penny earned my friends read some tweets you got to keep
yourself updated what’s new and training on designer twitter i mean how else will
you know what you should think then retweet like follow start new
threads contribute to the drama and comment on all the discussions everyone
needs to know and hear your voice because your opinions matter someone
doesn’t agree with you just mute them with someone rude to your design hero
report them is someone critical of the rebranding of the start of you love
block them okay slowly start creating a bubble around you and isolate yourself
from reality grap in an environment of shallow relationships get surrounded by
people who agree with you it will not challenge you hashtag design leadership
all right next one grab a healthy snack you need you got a you got to keep
yourself strong and healthy you know you’re a snap will give you that boost
your body demands so you got a graph an organic fat free multigrain non-gmo
Syrah high-fructose corn syrup gluten-free grass-fed natural certified
fresh superfood hormone free artisanal probiotic free-range paleo local granola
bar okay your body still needs more energy well yes there’s no problem just
go to your nearest food truck and just grab a baby-sized burrito and embrace
the food coma you got to stay healthy my friend okay now take a nap I mean after
that overpriced greasy montón of cars yeah you need to take some rest so you
gotta keep energized that way so did you know that sleep correlates with more
divergent thinking and create a behavior that’s a lie
but tell yourself that you will wake up and bigger ate it and ready to get stuff
done energized okay watch sama duplication no videos
okay you just woke up from that carve infused stream and you naturally cannot
move a finger so this is an excellent opportunity to learn new things so while
laying down just open your laptop put it on your belly and just to start binge
watching the Netflix show abstract I mean it’s design related so you can
say it’s for inspiration you know and and might as well just watch the office
and just you’re learning work politics what about Silicon Valley
it’s about the startup life so it’s okay right
educational okay take a walk long strolls bring inspiration when you’re
walking in the fresh air and the fresh air you produced double the amount of
creative thoughts compared to when you’re sitting down do you know this
Steve just used to have meetings while walking I think different okay take your
portunity also to support your local grocery and get another snack what about
helping your local brewery – I mean and start with a sampler so you can try the
Pale Ale the size son the IPA the seasonal sour the stout savor the hops
behold the colors embrace the aromas are you getting inspired you hit take your
favorite and drink a couple of pints open your mind okay
well get in there sketch some ideas my friends this nothing is better than the
feel of a pencil and paper in your hand so start drawing whatever comes to my
sketch away what no ideas are coming you have a creative
block maybe you don’t have the right tools that’s what’s happening so you
we’ve got a browse Amazon for a sketchbook or a pen better read the
reviews we got to watch the videos evaluate their recommendations they won
our has fast and now your cart is ready with the choose sunglasses and it scarf
you were initially going to bite oh wait no okay gear out my friend okay do
everything at the last minute oh crap you’re presenting you’re working half an
hour time to get stuff done are you so you’ve got a look are they
any UI templates out there that you can use you can go to a side with a stock
design resources just sort by popular download copy paste change the color
swap the logo placeholder use photos from unsplash that don’t have anything
to do with the product I look pretty lorem ipsum every text layer yousa
plug-in to fill your mock up with fake names fake images false dates
and fake products to like to make it look more real and boom that ecommerce
site is looking tight work smarter not harder my friends okay make it pop this
is it it’s time to make a great impression how do you do it you just put
everything in an isometric perspective mock-up apply exaggerated stuff color
shadows you use a little bit of different gradients on the backgrounds
you copy all your designs into keynote and just add magic move to the animation
and write big ball headlines that say random words like ideation reality based
UX user center approach sustainable framework convergent design game you
find the big words and the flashy effects will divert from the actual work
and nobody will notice your presenting crap and that is the
light my friends okay okay last point Oh aren’t so much right are you absorbing
all of this I hope so because we’re on leadership but keep this one quick
because I know you’re hungry I’m not hungry for food I know you’re hungry for
success look at the word leadership it’s not a coincidence
okay the chip is in the work because being a leader is like being a captain
and you’re working in product you got to keep chipping okay so I want you to
picture yourself as this captain who is ready to sell to the sunset and you’re
going to have a crew and you will tell them it’s time to shit in the group crew
will tell you but captain that ship has holes books let us fix the holes bugs
before we ship and you will say to them no we ship now
but captain we’re gonna sink the boat captain silence
you don’t understand my vision we gotta keep chipping see a great leader is
assertive and takes difficult decisions a great leader listens to the intuition
and you will sell into this ocean of uncertainty you will sink consuming your
boat hat holes and the crew will tell you got that doctor we’re drowning
we’re gonna die yes but we shit and that’s what’s important you’re such a great leader captain thank
you and see they truly don’t understand your vision because you intended to go
down all along obviously you came prepared because you were wearing a life
vest and what is that like this it’s a medium blog post and in this blog post
you’re going to tell the story of how you fail and how you’re going to open up
and be vulnerable and you use phrases like I fail but I learned so much in the
process let my mistakes be a lesson to you and people will applaud
he’s so brave he’s not afraid to fail he’s such a great leader and you will be
invited to conferences to tell your story yeah and people in Silicon Valley
will reach out and ask you take our money I need a good captain for a ship
please sink our ship and you will graph their
money and you will take that responsibility even though you don’t
know what you’re doing because that doesn’t matter as long as you pretend
that you know because if you fake it you will make it remember the faker you are
the more successful you can be come on say with me the faker you are the more
successful you can be that’s it

The Faker You Are, the More Successful You Can Be | InvisionApp Design Lead | Pablo Stanley
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    This. Is. Genius.

  • August 29, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Ek no… khati πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • August 30, 2019 at 1:01 am

    This was way too real…

  • August 30, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    Thought the video was about lol's faker

  • August 31, 2019 at 12:06 am

    Next time my clients question me about my design my reply would be:
    "It's subliminal, it's in your mind now"

  • August 31, 2019 at 6:25 am

    I feel light


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