Maybe all of these different
factors you combine when you say that this is
an ultimate point source. Since the founding of Genelec in 1978,
professional audio monitoring has been at the core of its business. An unrivalled commitment to
research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and
established Genelec as the leader in active monitoring. 40 years later our products are
still true to that original philosophy. They offer reliability, neutrality
regardless of the size category and adaptability to the acoustic conditions
of the listening environment. The latest fruits of this labour have resulted in
an expansion of the family of The Ones speakers. These include the 8351B and
8361A ultimate point source monitors and the W371 adaptive woofer stand. Let’s go into the factory and talk
with some of the key people who were involved in
the creation of these products. So Thomas, why do we keep
pushing the limits of acoustic design? Who are we designing this stuff for? We’re designing, especially The Ones
or these point source monitors, for very experienced listeners. Because they’re experienced listeners,
they are not just passive listeners. They are actively moving and
listening to discriminate for instance between direct
sound and reflections Right, and they really hear the details. Yes, because you get, not only the direct sound good
you also get the reflections perfect. So if you have a room that sounds good and
you suddenly hear it with perfect reflections then it’s a magnificent room suddenly. So Aki, these are ultimate point source
loudspeakers. Can you tell us what that means? Well it actually refers to many
different things. Firstly, they are ultimate point source,
because it’s a three-way concept and through all the three different bands of frequencies
from the tweeter and mid-range to the woofer are radiated at
the same location in space. Right. And this is pretty exceptional because
it’s technically difficult to place drivers so that you would
be able to do this. And this allows us to sit much
closer to the loudspeaker. It allows that. It actually allows you to totally freely
select your listening distance which is a great benefit. You don’t suffer in terms of audio quality
if you are very close to the loudspeaker. You could be far away, you can
be close – it’s up to you to choose And then of course if the room
is still not up to scratch these are of course SAM monitors. So we have all the power of GLM as well. Yes that kind of comes as a bonus on the top. So you have an excellent acoustical design and on the top you have this ability to
adapt to the space. Maybe all of these different
factors you combine when you say that this
is an ultimate point source. So now I’m here with Juha
and Jussi from the acoustical team. They were involved in the design of the 8351B and
8361 and now I can ask some questions. So let’s start with the big
obvious stuff. The shape of this is familiar but fresh too. Tell us a bit about the shape
and why it’s important. Yeah it is a bit different than in
the other die-cast aluminium enclosures that we have in the two-way products. You have the woofers behind these holes here, you have the coaxial mid-range tweeter and the huge waveguide that actually,
you can get the directivity of a large… -…like a three-way product.
-A much bigger product yeah. Juha, you’ve got the 8351B woofer,
I think, in your hand Yeah because of the system design, we wanted
to maximize the area of the woofer. So we ended up with a racetrack shape
or an obround shape and it’s a bit more complicated
than a round woofer. For example you can see here that
the surround is not just a constant shape, but it’s three-dimensional and the idea
is that when there’s a displacement, then the force to the cone is more uniform. How about the coaxial then? So like you mentioned, it’s the 8351B,
so it’s an updated version for 8351A. -Different size tweeters to begin with
-That’s true as well so… The bigger benefit of the large tweeter
is of course power handling. We used the same coaxial in
both these two models. And this is also made in-house. Yes, all is custom design.
All the parts are designed in-house. But in the end, we have a neat package. Actually two new, neat packages that
can deliver outstanding sound quality. We left no stone unturned. -No.
-Everything’s the best we’ve got. That’s true. It’s time for lunch in town. In the second part of this video,
we’ll be talking about the W371 adaptive woofer stand.

The Ones | Designing the new Genelec 8361A and 8351B Point Source monitors.

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