My name is Aldozaun Smith, I’m from Elsies River. I started with the PAY Project in 2013, on the 17th of April. I work as an accounting clerk, you see, doing payments, reconciliations, registers and stuff like that. There was a PAY paper inside the matric results,
the envelope, so I decided to apply. But I only applied on the last day because I was looking, I didn’t even have an email address at the time. I was looking and looking and looking, so
I think it was the last day of January, so I applied for it. So that’s how I came to know about it. I learned a lot. The things I do, and for me, amazingly, it helped
me a lot, financially. Steadily I’m growing financially, I’ve become stable, you see,
I was able to buy things that I’ve always desired as a young person. Outside of work, I’m one of the co-ordinators
of a youth group. What I do there, I’m one of the leaders
in the group, you see, we help young people as well to get vision in life, but being an
example first of all. I would recommend this to other people as
well, because it’s a great learning curve. You learn a lot here, and it broadens your
knowledge, it broadens your experience, it helps you have a vision in life, you see,
it grows your vision for you to have direction in life.

‘The PAY Project is a great learning curve’
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