welcome to our webinar the power of partnerships each transcripts implementation made easy by illusion and this National Student Clearinghouse I am your host John Sirica implementation specialist at the clearinghouse if your school decides to move forward with implementing each transcripts chances are you'll be working with me or with one of my colleagues from our implementation team I have with me mr. Rick skill Rick is director of product management for Illusion specifically for student systems and each transcripts Rick has more than 40 years of experience and 25 years of working on the akhrot speedy committee that developed and maintains the electronic data exchange standards utilized by the Clearinghouse and the aleutian and each transcript in today's webinar we'll look at an overview of Aleutian e transcripts and discuss how it works with the Clearing House will provide the benefits of implementing the e transcript solution with your institution we'll discuss the implementation process and provide best practice guidelines and we'll conclude with questions and answers and provide information on how to obtain additional resources to get started Ellucian each transcript is a fast reliable real-time solution that enables automation and electronic delivery of transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse and Your Illusion sis student information system PDF generation capabilities are embedded within your sis there is no additional software or hardware required within your institution's computing environment which also means there is no additional cost the Clearinghouse is an Aleutian strategic partner for each transcripts the Clearinghouse is enabled by default in your Aleutian sis software as of January 2019 there are currently over 320 post-secondary institutions using Aleutian e transcripts there are many benefits of using e transcripts with illusion and the Clearinghouse this service provides students with a secure mobile friendly online transcript ordering system which easily integrates with your school's existing sis your institution can also send electronic transcripts securely at no cost to our exchange partners participating institutions and cash partners such as El sac and M cash up to 85% of our transcript requests are processed automatically and delivered within 15 minutes together Ellucian and the Clearinghouse provides an experienced trusted multi-layered client support team during and post-implementation we are also secure level 2 PCI compliant vendor that focuses on data privacy and security the National Student Clearinghouse is a nonprofit organization which focuses on your students look at how the each transcript solution works there are three primary components the National Student Clearinghouse the Aleutian cloud and your school's sis or ERP system if we look at this diagram moving clockwise starting from the bottom left corner students will place transcript order request through the Clearinghouse site the students will provide their first name last name date of birth student ID or social security number the Clearinghouse will securely transmit this data to the Aleutian cloud which passes the data to your institutions sis your sis will generate the transcript PDF and upload this to the Clearinghouse FTP server and we will send an email to the recipient with a link and password to download the electronic PDF your institution will also have the capability to print the transcripts via your local printer to mail or hold the transcript for pickup you you you you and Rick is going to discuss the implementation process from here hello everyone and I'm really excited to be talking to you about electronic transcripts as as John mentioned I have been working on this for 25 or 30 years now so this is this is an important project for me much of that was while I was at an institution much like yours so I have some experience on both sides the elysium transcripts process is is fairly simple but because both the Clearinghouse and Ellucian want to make sure that transcript the right transcripts are set in their sin in a secure way there are a number of steps for initial setup that every school will have to go through the good news is there a one-time setup and so you don't have to do every time so let's just walk through the basic process there's some things you need to do ahead of time before you get started with actually sending transcripts you need to be sure that your system your ERP system is on the required or best version for e transcripts that varies depending on which VRP system you're using you need you will need cloud connectivity so you'll need to go through the process of setting up a cloud account with Ellucian you'll need to complete your transcript ordering profile that's done with on the NSC side and then you'll need to test cases so that everyone's clear that the process is working correctly and there are a number of resources available both with the Clearinghouse and with Ellucian to help support that excuse me well let's see if I can get this to move forward there we go pre-implementation again make sure you're on the right version or the best version for banner colleague or power campus you will need to download specially for banner the XZ 9 XC transcript api that is critical if you are interested either currently or in the future of sending EDI or xml transcripts in addition to pdfs there are a number of configurations that are required for that to be those transcription be processed fully incorrectly so you'll need to go through that configuration process again that's a one-time setup issue and that that you'll need to go through but important for the transcripts to be delivered correctly so joe talked about there being a cloud process and that's sort of the middle piece of the of the connection so in order to make that work you need to complete an e transcript cloud enablement request form i know that's a long phrase but that's what it's called it will allow you to create an Aleutian hub account and you would then get to user ID and passphrase is for both production and test sites for everyone who's going to be using the the cloud piece of this at your institution those forms can be found in the Aleutian client support site this is what the form looks like it's a pretty basic form you can list all the people who are going to be cloud users that won't be everybody who uses a transcripts at your institution but it would be it's typically more than one person on campus so each of them need a separate account but once it gets set up you log in to the cloud this way pretty straightforward and then that allows you to actually send information to and from the cloud you it allow you to receive transcript requests and then send them back to National Student Clearinghouse in terms of additional setup again you need to install the API in the war file that will allow you to set the network and firewall guidelines I won't go through all these details I'm sure we can provide you with these screens these this information so you don't have to read it and be bored at the moment and then this also allows you to connect to the lucien cloud through the api s so the configuration of your institution this goes on the National Student Clearinghouse site and this is really important that you get this done right because that's the communication piece back and forth this is all what helps us between the Clearinghouse andalucian make sure that I write transcripts are sent to the right right transcript requests are sent to the right schools and the right transcripts are returned so these set up things are really about security and recognition of the right institutions so once you complete the class connection block you have to go in and enter that information so that you have that in the system and then you can test this is probably one of the most critical parts as you do a Diagnostics Diagnostics test and make sure that everything is connected appropriately and properly so that the data does flow back and forth correctly once you get that done then you're pretty much ready to send Trent PDF transcripts to the Clearinghouse and it's a fairly simple process it's sometimes electronic transcripts sound complicated and difficult and in fact it's a fairly simple process once you get this setup done and ensure the security of the right institutions and connections are validated you also have to make sure that the file transmission configuration is set up correctly it requires a hostname and user ID and they will differ between production and test so there are different logins there depending on which you're using this is one that that I like to talk about a lot because this sort of goes to what I've worked on not only in older skin but through the acro speedy committee these are some of the best practices that we've understood and learned over the years and the first one the first big bullet is probably the most critical one get to buy-in from all the users on your campus before you start because it will make the entire process easier first thing you often have to do is sell and explain why you want to do electronic transcripts and John did a great job of talking about the benefits there but once once people really buy into that then you need to talk to the people who handle the web services your network services your DBA is on your campus because they're the ones that are going to support it and it helps if they understand why this is helpful it's not just extra work for them but it helps the campus it helps the students and it helps the entire business process you may need to think through how you're doing legacy transcripts now I would love to be able to tell you that you can all just stop printing transcripts completely I don't think that's true it's not been true in my experience with any school but you can certainly vastly reduce that you'll want to look and think through what formats of transcripts you or offer print PDF XML EDI you need to think through how you how you want to process things in the future if you want to change some of that so these are all possibilities that will change the way you look and think about transcripts in the future and they support how you actually do your business at your campus there's nothing within the e transcription process that forces you to do things a certain way but you you do have a chance to sort of rethink and reimagine your transcript process one of the things that I think John mentioned and is really true from this rules that I talk to you all the time 85 I think the figure he mentioned was 85% of the transcripts are sent really hands-free and some schools it's more than that and they go very quickly with nobody seeing the request and no hands no touching it just flows and often they're delivered within 15 or 20 minutes so that's a huge step forward for most students and schools there's a lot of documentation available I'm only listing some of it here we have a good deal because so much of the work is done on the aleutian side we have a lot of support and information about how to set up how to troubleshoot things checklists Clearinghouse also has support and documentation for their site of it and if you have any questions as as you go along the process there are certainly people available within both organizations to help with that we we have a very close relationship with a clearinghouse for each transcription we talked regularly so we're really excited about more schools utilizing this functionality and John I will let you sort of wrap up and and start taking questions as we have them okay thank you very much Rick I'm going to go ahead and start answering the questions in the order that they will received we do have a few questions here so let's take a look at it we have okay the very first question is once the school is active with Ellucian each transcripts will there be any work required on our part when our sis has upgrades I'm sorry I missed that the second half of that I'm sorry John there's no problem let me go just repeat the question again it's true once once the school is active with the illusion each transcripts will there be any work required on our part when our sis has upgrades most of the time upgrades to the student information system don't affect the transcript processing there are some upgrades that we do to the aleutian side of the business to make things better and improve services for a transcripts and there may be an occasional upgrade that you need to put in for that purpose but there the upgrades to the ERP generally don't impact the e transcript process ok create an next question we have is what type of technical support is provided during setup I can speak to part of that and then I'll let John answer his side because it's sort of a two piece process part of the setup is with the clearinghouse and they handle that part of the process is with Ellucian and we have a very formal process like we do everything else in so you there's a a process to put in a what we call a ticket with the action line action line we have a couple of specific people working on a transcripts for colleague and banner and power campus and so they look at those tickets regularly they respond to them right away and we are really diligent and happy to to help and support schools especially in the setup process because that's where most of the questions are once you get set up it's a pretty clean process there's there's many less questions but we have the action line process on the aleutian side to support any questions right and just add to what Rick said about you know using the action line we also have a team of implementation specialist on the clearing outside that is actually very knowledgeable with implementing each transcript as well so we can provide the technical support for that we have documentation that we can refer to and we have steps that we could advise you guys on we also provide the functional set up for your transcript services so as Mike mentioned there's the two part of that there is a technical and then there is also the functional aspect so the Clearinghouse will be working with with both sides of that and again if there's something that we can't resolve we you know we always recommend that your schools open up an action line case with Ellucian that that regularly – okay you want to add anything else to that Ricker's is that good nope well I think that's good okay we have another question here is there a recommended amount of IP support we have we need to have in-house in order to implement each transcripts that's a great question actually and it really vary school to school and the helm the Registrar's Office is set up I don't have sort of an idea I can tell you that the best thing you can do is as you start on this process or before you actually get started begin with your first really thinking it through sit down with the DBA that's usually the best person to start with this has been my experience and talk it through with them and see what they feel like how much support will be needed most of the support will be in the setup stage again they will you will need some technical support on your campus to troubleshoot problems but it's not common it doesn't happen all the time so again I think most of the support would be early on in the setup and making sure that everything goes cleanly but it really very school to school as to how much actual time and resource investment is involved ok great thanks next question we have is if we have another version of transcript ordering with the Clearing House how much work is involved in implementing the each transcript solution well Ricky let me talk about this for a moment I believe this is referring to our version 2.0 user interface so that's something that we just rolled out pretty recently to a lot of our institutions so there used to be an older version and we just rolled out 2.0 which which is a cleaner looking ordering process screen that really is just front-facing so everything on the back end that we discussed here with Rick and and the cloud it's pretty much going to be the same the only difference is the user interface is going to look different so there should be really no difference in how you implement the solution you want to add anything to that Rick no what sounds right to me okay great and we have actually another question that just came in so we have modified the layout of our transcripts we will be able to maintain our modifications so it's the question for the Clearing House again this is a the transcript template that we have so when we work with your school we can actually create the template in a you know in a portrait or landscape mode and we can actually work with you to you know create a design that you want that you would be sending out to the school to the students so if you have a new one we can work with you to create that or you want to modify that you know after you implement or even during the implementation process that's something that our implementation specialist will be working with you guys with okay and we have another question where where can API be deployed do we need a separate server you do not need a separate server for the API typically but if you have specific questions about your setup that would be a good instance to file an action line case ticket on just to talk through the specifics of your your institution's specific setup okay do we have any more questions okay I see another one here the question is if we have printer issues related to playing transcripts at the school site are you flagged on your end or is it something solely discovered at the school site I think typically that would be something just at the school site now there is within the e transcripts process a flag that says that this is a printed transcript and if for some reason there's a problem with that flag we would be notified and we could help but if it's an actual printer issue that would be at your school okay okay got another question here is let me see once we're ready to go live with each transcripts how does the transition happen when orders that are ready in NSC so on the clearing outside once you're ready to go live with each transcripts we will actually work with our implementation team that's been assigned to your invitation specialist that's been designated for your project and we would actually work with you on you know setting up a project plan and the date that you're ready to go live and we could do you know you have a phone call or we could communicate via email whatever you're more comfortable with to coordinate the time of basically activating your service on our side it takes about the 30 minutes or so to really get everything up and running and then we would just place test orders and making sure that it's working by going through the Aleutian cloud and your sis system question okay so the question is is kind of little lengthy Ares we are mandated to send XML transcripts to all Ohio State Universities they have certain format requirements and we have used and developed a connector that another institution developed how can it be determined when we had to send receive the specific transcript requests we had a couple of meetings Ellucian has with the Ohio system office about how that functions they have that my last understanding and it's been probably a year since I've talked to that office is if they have determined a way to utilize for schools to utilize NSC for those requests now the transcript that goes through is an XML transcript period whether it's requested through the Ohio process or through NSC I don't know the specifics of how that was arranged I checked back with the office in Ohio for the state system that's managing that and ask them how you can utilize a transcripts with NSC to send transcripts within Ohio certainly transcripts going outside of the state could be done you know through NSC without an issue but I do but I have been involved with conversations with that Ohio system office to see how we can make that work and I believe they work out a system for that okay thanks Rick okay I have another question here is if we are just starting the process do we first contact and SC or Ellucian for the set up what would happen is we actually have regional directors that are assigned to your specific institution we could actually set up an appointment with you and your Rd and they can discuss the process for you what we do is we typically you know have a service agreement that needs to be reviewed and signed and then from there you would actually be assigned to someone from the implementation team and we would have what we call a kickoff call to get things going and we would gather requirements and just confirm the contract and basically start implementing the transcript solution for you Ellucian would also you know be a part of that if we have any technical issues and again we talked about opening up an action line case with Ellucian if required okay and we have another question here are we still updating the transcript order status in the NSE site despite them being sent via NSE so if I'm understanding this right is you're currently manually updating the statuses on the NSC admin site if you implement each transcripts you no longer have to do this because what will happen is it since it's an automated process statuses are relayed back and forth via the aleutian cloud and via your schools sis so there's no need to go back in there and manually upload any PDF or change the statuses that will be done automatically okay we have another question here which is we have an older transcript on cards that are not in our banner system if we move to each transcripts where we still have the option to scan email these order transcripts to the National Student Clearinghouse again it's the question for the Clearinghouse I want to mention one thing is we do have what we call a legacy question so you can have a cut-off year of when electronic PDF could not be generated so we would ask a question on the ordering side such as did you attend your University prior to 1990 for example and if the requester on the requester says yes to that question they won't have the delivery option of electronic PDF they will only have mail or hold for pickup for example if you get those type of orders you can go ahead and then fulfill that order offline with the student directly or if you have an ability to do you can actually upload the PDF or upload the card or the transcript that you have the legacy transcript and send it out to the student that way so there's a couple options for that if we have any other questions can we have the Q print and illusion e transcripts you can absolutely have secured print that's another service that the clearinghouse offers we actually use the third party vendor that would actually print and mail the transcripts for you there's additional cost for that and I would recommend getting in touch with your local regional director to discuss that as well if you're not sure who your original director is you can always contact us at implementations at Student Clearinghouse that or again we can we can set up a meeting for you okay let's see check that we have any more questions here you okay question that we have again is what is the process for students who have holes preventing them getting a transcript on the on the Clearinghouse setup we can actually have a setup where if a student has a hold we can either let the order continue the process or we can stop the order altogether if there is a hold and they would have a text where they would be alerted to contact your school and a text customizable you just have to provide us with was what the verbage is and we'll display that to the student so you can stop the order outright or let them continue on and then it will be in your sis system okay and also that the e translation process also checks the FIS system for holds and and responds accordingly as well so there's sort of a double check there okay thanks Rick question is what we need to contact you for cost reduction on any submitted orders we do have an option to reduce the fees on there so during the setup for your transcript ordering process that the functionality can either be enabled or disabled you said in the chat window linked to the your local regional director so you can check that that link there if you're if you're unsure who that is okay we have a question here how does it work if we need to resend an electronic transcript without charging the student so we do have an option where you can resend the actual electronic transcript it's possible to do that but one thing I want to note is you know if the reason for the reset it's because the email address is incorrect it could put your potential to go back to that same email that incorrect email address so that's something we do want to check and validate first when we were testing this during the implementation process you know your your information specialist will work with you to see how that works but there is an option to resend the transcript need be you then who to they set email so that email address is basically there's no validation role for any email address that is entered in by the requester so it's basically kind of just confirming with the student is this where they actually want the transcript link to be sent to okay is there a simple way to have each transcripts use a custom in-house transcript job instead of baseline versions you that question yeah there there is a process called paper to PDF that will support some modifications of in-house transcript formats for the PDF for the EDI and XML that's a national standard so there's no way to modify that one but there is a process to utilize modified PDFs and that is called paper to PDF great thank you Rick and I we just posted a link about how to resend the transcripts in the chat window for the previous question we have a question here are there any new tables added to the banner sis system when the e transcript API is deployed on banner head a new table guide at the banner nope we utilize the ones that are already there okay any additional questions you all right we got one more if a student incorrectly submits a deliver option example submitted for in-state and it should be out of state how does that get caught okay so if in order comes in and it's placed incorrectly you have the option of actually canceling out that order altogether so you can actually catch that before it gets fulfilled if unfortunate the order gets fulfilled and you know you'd have to work out what the student and how to either do a refund on that okay question to clarify on how the whole prevention works so to clarify how that works again is if a student has an active hold on on their account when they place an order what will happen is once they enter in some information and lookup occurs on your sis system a message will actually be popped up on their dress watering site and they'll say something such as you have a hold on your account for a library order for example and to contact your institution at that point they'll be prompted to exit from the transfer ordering process so they can no longer continue until they contact their school to get to hold released that's one option the other option is if you want them to be able to proceed with the order they'll get a prompt saying that they have an active hold but they can get next and continue on to complete the order and then you guys will get the order in your sis system and there'll be a flag that indicates that there is an active hold on that account you you and create any any other questions how will the school be notified if the each transcript system is not working has the each transcript ever gone down if so how long was it down so on the clearing outside we do post messages if there is any kind of delay or plan plan Magnus's we do display that on to our actual Clearing House org site and on on the aleutian side there there are certainly times where things don't flow exactly like they're expected to flow it does not happen often at all but there are like any electronic system there there are things that get caught or bugs that happen so if it's not something anticipated and posted on the NSE site as as a delay or some downtime you'd file an action line ticket and we help the school resolve the problem for our action line people are really good with that okay thank you Rick will this presentation be available for download we do have plans to post this presentation so it will be available and we will send out resources for that shortly another question is these students receive email confirmations when transcripts have been delivered depends on does the delivery option if you're you know they're doing a delivery option of mail they are going to be email notification sent out to the student one thing I want to mention is also that you know for electronic PDF waterís is the student actually receives an email with a link to download the transcript and also a separate email with a generic password to be able to log into that link and actually download the PDF so in a sense that's also their confirmation okay so in the presentation earlier there was a slide that showed printing locally what determines if they are printed locally or sent via PDF you actually will see that when you actually look into the NSD admin site there is actually going to tell you what the delivery option was if it was mail or hold for pickup or electronic and I believe on depending on what SS you have we also show that on the order summary of its print or if it's PDF that's correct okay are we still using SHR SHR QT c page for transcript order that one for me obviously that's a banner page and know you'd be using the clearinghouse for transcript orders you'd refer you'd provide the students where the link to the Clearinghouse were to request transcription they would all go that way okay does the school receive notification when the transcript has been sent or received when the transfer has been sent there is no notification sent out to the school that is only sent out to the actual student but you mainly have to get use in the site within the process there are codes that will tell you that it's been processed and sent occurring on new mental notification but there you can tell that they've been set right and we have a link on here for the service status posted on the website as well you okay and just posted another the tutorial on the NFC snapshot summary overview you you so far great questions is given keep it coming we currently update sha qts when we send transcripts out upload PDFs does that get updated automatically with a transcript I don't believe so I believe that then all shifts to the transcripts process and NFC it was well the transcript key be included with each transcript yes that is optional if you provide us with your transcript key we can upload that along with your electronic PDF transcript I will add on that just a simple note that's that's in the case of PDF transcripts India if you choose to send EDI your XML there's no key the key is actually within the data format itself you all right any any other questions you okay we use the original clearinghouse connector and the web application all of the orders from the NSC come in to our banner database so orders are actually entered into banner you I yeah I think what they're doing and I'm guessing this I think because we did this if University of Oklahoma for a time as well you this is outside of e transcripts is not utilizing e transcript so they the schools contract with the old doing the original Clearing House process and connector and then they upload the request into the banner database through then process transcripts and what we are suggesting here is that if you use each transcripts you don't have to follow that same process you'd manage it through a transcript rather than through the baseline transcript request process okay thank you Rick sure and if that wasn't exactly what you were asking but put in another question and we'll see if I can do a better job does touch-free e transcript jobs continue to process during breaks and administrative clothings as long as you have your system up and available the answer to that is yes you Oh you I will add that is one of the great aspects of e transcripts is that you do not have to have people there during the break to process transcripts and your students get them quickly that they're printed if they're ones that want to be mailed and printed copies then that's obviously a different issue let's the pdfs and the EEI and xml transcripts just go out tim is a scan riki of contact information youngstown state is on the original connector would you recommend going through action line to the help of additional questions Rick I would yes I think that's the best way to do it okay so that would be the info a dilution comm email we have this data on the slide III will happily share my contact information it's fairly simple I'll put it in the chat okay might be the easiest way to do it okay I think this is a follow-up to the previous question so we will need more we will need more sh r t RT c job if we switch the e transcript you will not be using you will not need that baseline process if you switch to e transcripts unless now I say that you could have two separate parallel transcript processes if some students wanted to just request them directly from you you didn't want to force them all through a transcript you could certainly do that but if you require all of your students to utilize a transcripts for any kind of transcript request then you would not need those baseline processes any longer okay we have a question to hold to hold for grades and degrees work simulator holds once they are posted to banner – process from the illusion side yes holds we have various kinds of holds holds for until grades or process holds until the degree is posted we have that within the process and the transcript will queue up the request will queue up and when grades are process than those transcripts will be so now we have a when will we have any order history and sha are QTC for transcript process via e transcripts now you have that order history with any transcripts okay and a question there is when we need sha our cutie s and sha RT RT c for legacy if we have to process in-house that that's really up to the school so if you want to have a parallel process for those that are not in your system they're there in paper or on a card however you maintain them and they're not part of banner or colleague or power campus you can certainly do that you could also have every student request transcripts through the clearinghouse and then you get those requests just like you would any others that happen to go through each transcript they are ones that would have to be nailed and then you'd process them internally so that's sort of how the individual institution wants to interact with their students okay question here is can the transcript request data from NFC be reported on for example Kongos unfortunate right now we don't provide any reporting via congos but we do have other tools that you can use to generate reports to see how many transcripts were ordered for a given amount of time we'll post a link on how to do that here shortly question here is are we able to pull reports from each transcripts if they are no longer in sha r QT c should be able to yes they are they won't look the same obviously but yes you can run reports off for the e transcripts you question is how are you notified that grades have been posted and or a degree has been awarded in order to move forward with processing the transcript from our usual enrollment reporting it's not enrollment reporting it's its settings in your system so that you can even in the old legacy system you could set up transcript requests that are held until grades are ready to go and then you process them then so there are settings with any transcription within the system that notify the e transcription process that grades have now been posted and those that have been held until grades were posted or been processed through so those are settings within the SIS and with any transcripts and Sean asked again to add on to that question is so we have to adjust the setting when applicable yes yeah that date changes if for some reason grades are late that yes you'd have to adjust that date within your system I'm just going to wait a little bit for more questions to come in here you you here we have about eight minutes left for the chat window if you have any questions please post them now okay we have a question here it's are the holes from banner to NSC real-time or do we need to send batch to NSC you I'm not positive how the NSC hold gets updated but when the transcript request is processed through to the sis those holds are real-time so if there's a hold but that is encountered in once it gets to the SIS then that would be a real-time hold and we can communicate that back to NSC okay thank you Rick you okay last call for questions okay so we're mindful how valuable everyone's time is and at this time we would like to close our webinar for any additional questions please reach out to the National Student Clearinghouse or Ellucian at the contact details we have listed on this slide again we thank everyone for your time and we look forward to working with your institution to implement each transcripts have a wonderful day thank you Rick thank you everybody thank you all

The Power of Partnerships: eTranscripts Implementation Made Easy by Ellucian and NSC
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