My name is Amal Ledrhem. I’m a mother of two children,
a son Malik and a daughter Elissa. Malik is 15 years old and Elissa is 12 I’ve always had the ambition to start my own business, but I wanted to focus on motherhood
when the children were younger. I wanted to be there for them after their school day, but now they’ve gotten bigger and I can
spend more time on my ambitions. I knew it was something in fashion. I have an
educational background in fashion. I came up with the idea to design bags
a few years ago on vacation in Morocco, where I saw a lot of craft being made in Marrakec
and I thought that’s what I want to do as well. Have my own collection of bags. I wanted it to be done in Europe preferably, but that
was too difficult because of the small amount of bags. So then China came up and I thought why not give it a try. However I still wanted the craftsmanship. I ended up in Portugal.. ..and that’s where I’ve had my first collection
of luxury craft production fabricated. I went to Portugal. It’s a tiny cute little village where people from
that village and a family are working together in the craft factory. There’s a mother behind the sewing machine.. ..everything is done the old fashion way by hand and
that’s how my elissa bag collection came about. The inspiration came from Morocco. The emblem, the technique is called laser cut, is inspired
from mosaic drawings and I named it after my daughter Elissa. I think a woman will choose my bag because
it´s luxurious yet affordable. But what’s also important for me is that it’s practical in use. That you can wear it in different ways for example.
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Or that it has an extra keychain. Or a mirror. Things that
a woman can find convenient. That’s Amal Design. I have my website, but I’m more active on Instagram. 
And on my Facebook page Amal Design. That’s where I post videos and pictures of what I’m up to.  You can purchase my bags online through my website.
I have a webshop. I can imagine people would like to take a close look
at my bags or feel the fabric before buying. They can always send me a message
to make an appointment. I also have a few selling points that are mentioned on my website I still have the idea of naming a collection of mine after my son,
but I don’t have a men’s collection yet. But there’s definitely a Malik collection coming in the near future. Expanding the collection? Yes, with accessories and belts.
It would be great to make a collection for kids. I would definitely like to expand in the future,
for men, kids, accessories..

The story of Amal-Design
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