My dear prince, did you know that it was actually me who saved your life that day? Did you know that I am falling in love with you so deeply that I am willing to sacrifice my tail and my voice to be with you? The witch took away my voice so I can’t express any of my thoughts to you even though I have a thousand words to say. I know I didn’t win your heart since it was captured by another girl. Every time I step on the ground, I feel like I am stepping on the blade of a sharp knife. The pain reminds me that I will never be with you even though I made such a painful sacrifice. Should I use this knife to stab you to death, my prince? I want to stab right into your heart to witness the blood that spills out on my feet so I can turn back into a mermaid. I should break your heart, shouldn’t I? Because you just broke mine by returning nothing to me. No, no, no. What am I thinking? Look at you sleep soundly with your bride with happiness on your face. Even when you fall asleep, you still look handsome and charming. I shouldn’t be so selfish to force you to love me. You deserve the thing you want because I love you.

THEA 101 Final Project Yiran Mu
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