(upbeat music) – I’m Jim Bunkelman, majoring in Construction Management here at UW-Stout in the master’s online program. Many of us like myself choose to graduate from the world of project management into other roles, operations,
ownership of companies, which involves another
skillset of abilities that don’t necessarily come
with your original education. The master’s program here at UW-Stout offers a fantastic bridge
from what you’ve learned to the next set of skills you need for that step up. The course work here at
UW-Stout allows people to put themselves in a
position to run larger, more complex projects. At my company, we do commercial industrial and it helped my skill set to be involved in these major public,
forward facing projects that are critical and key to
the success of our company, but it also allows me to put faith in the project manager that work for me who have the same advanced degree. I know their abilities. I know that they have the
research and the thought process to technically take on these projects. The online delivery method allows me, at my convenience and in my schedule, to still get the same education and not interfere with my
life and all my other duties. Other institutions and other
degrees have a requirement that you need a minimum number
of classes, UW-Stout doesn’t. You take as many or as little as you want, whatever works for you,
how ever long it takes you. I needed that in order
for it to work for me. Stout provides almost an
unlimited amount of resource for the online platform. All the faculty understand
that this is new to most people and it is very easy to use,
but the faculty is also here to make sure that if you don’t understand, that you do find it easy to use. After I graduate with my master’s in
Construction Management from here at UW-Stout, my goal is that this degree
is going to provide me the ability and the confidence to lead, mentor, and educate
my staff and my employees so that they can be the
next set of leadership at Royal Construction. A great secondary leadership
team is gonna ensure the longevity of the corporation. And that’s really what I’m here for, and it’s also here to
give me the confidence to know that I can do it.

UW-Stout: M.S. Construction Management

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