whoa okay the map is not here no it's it's it's there it's just always there it's taken on a different form that's all alright what's up guys welcome back to potato mode the show we take the most beautiful games we know and we just make the graphics look pretty terrible my name is Joey I'm joined by Nick margarita here howdy and we as you can see are finally getting around to fortnight I know a lot of you have been saying in the comments for ivers basically ever since the show started but we're gonna do it here we're gonna try to make it look as nasty as possible but right now we got a lot looks beautiful right Nick's plane right now and the game does look pretty good all the the fortnight comments saying that oh this looks better than fortnight at least I mean come on fortnight is a pretty decently looking game it's a gorgeous game it really is like a props to epic its it's only the fact that you can actually play it on any computer yes that's what makes it a little kind of you know low quality out like with lower specs but here we have the game running on like 1080p like all Ultra settings it looks beautiful alright let's go ahead and let's get spicy let's go get spicy so let's go to retail retail road because we know people will be there oh I think I see a chest over there oh no there's a one would they see me oh oh he's oh he had a really good skin oh it's the cool skin alright we'll go somewhere spicy this time does that start that star okay so I guess here well we'll do every death will reduce it again further so I'll take the reins first alright time to reduce now let's go low right we got everything on low we also have the resolution scaling at 44% are you gonna drop it all the way oh my gosh oh my god all the menu items look so good though didn't we go oh my god close to the mobile version right now still though I can see what things are like I can still move around the bus still resembles the bus it just looks like this is like a really old version of the yeah we're playing on the Gameboy Advance oh we're gonna go tilted oh yeah we're gonna get nice and spicy because after this death it's all downhill again not that bad it seems to be mostly like resolution right here like the jagged edges which is you know fine but that doesn't really make a difference right as long as you can aim I think that's the important part gotcha yeah nice one all right we're cooking with gas now it's it's not bad but I'm like oh boy yeah you guys it makes you second-guess like certain things like wait did I see that big move or was that just the screen tearing oh crap oh I don't even know there is there is room I was like where is he see those two pixels in distance like it's back back alright are we going down again yeah let's go down again so we're good we're gonna leave this game well we're gonna go even further this time because we've run out of options to turn down we're just gonna go with the gold in video profile inspector if you remember that from yeah the see if these absolutely yeah with me so we're doing the level of detail bias which by the way and the finally after doing the show for several months figured out what it actually does Twitter user actually of message me and and we were discussing it and they basically said that it makes items that are close to you they make as if the texture is rendered further away oh if you turn it all the way up that means something is right in front of you is using a texture that was meant to be used like 50 yards away oh I understand okay that is a character so maybe it does that was a character there's supposed to be I think two characters in that spot it looks like a claymation go to the other skins that you have let's look through them a little bit the color of the game is gone for this one the helmets so good oh how about this one cuz there was a light show oh is cuz he's supposed to be like really bright is it a little outfits like all lights or whatever not anymore that one just looks like doodoo ironies the doo doo one yeah oh it's pretty cool all right we're dabbing alright let's do it you ready yeah the image is not here there's no image what what I feel like we have an advantage I would say we're in a barren wastes on one hand there's there's nothing in the way there's no there's no like foliage or whatever if on the other hand you're dealing with some pretty tiny models here if I get a kill here it's gonna blow my mind all right battle bus whoa whoa okay the map is not here no it's it's it's there it's just oh it's taken on a different form that's all nevermind what we were saying about the map looking fine yeah let's try to go – I don't know salty can you see the mark are you still see the marker you can still see the marker all right so I know in general where I want to go we should jump soon my eyes are starting to hurt all right let's get out of here I think we're close to the ground I'm not sure another guy just like oh that was a cloud oh so I can see the items pretty easily all right let's see going up going up where was that we have a weapon oh gosh okay night-night well seeing as how we can't really make it lower this will just we'll just go into the ramp we'll go another round another round all right let's go we'll go to the divot dusty divot will go to the the big hole all right so these are all clouds right I think so I want to say that the clouds are some sort of like particle effects or I guess the chug chug is actually not appearing in our inventory but it's there just believe us oh sheesh who is that where was that I don't know is this a hill can I go over this yeah I can go I would say oh you should all I hit him in the head I just get the hell out of it cuz I don't know if that other guy died or not we're gonna get him oh I don't know where he is I don't know where he is get out of here where's the damage I go oh oh scared me we still got a kill we got a snipe kill to run it back one more time one more one more he'll do one more dude I'm actually fired up about that kill leave out even get some rewards good Chi Chi tried tilted yeah let's go back to tilted yeah cuz there's like a lot of like buildings to be a lot of people like all over on the same spot oh it's just the hills are disappeared the terrain is completely good terrain it's gone excuse me oh my god how do I get up to you what do you think what do you think Drake would say about this oh man Drake would love this he is it'd be his new favorite for I feel like he would just he would be upset he would make like a diss track about potato maloni there will be I promise you there will be aged a Drake song Abbas helmet thread there will be a song about fortnight in his neck see he's know is the album come out today so his album is out I just read about this oh the Drake's new album is out and he has a track on there called March 14th and while he didn't say it specifically people are saying oh that's the day that he streamed fortnight ninja yeah I noticed you haven't been doing a lot of uh destruction or just like gathering I can do that and maybe just bring down a couple walls I want to see oh god some of that done on potatoes oh it's just like it disappears it just goes away save on memory resources this way right we're gonna drink that we're gonna full potion we're ready ready to rock and roll and assault riff you know what the funny thing is I can't tell what level any of these guns are because they're not there what they're not purple well you can you can see like the the color when you pick them up yeah but like when they're on the ground they're just what was that a person yeah that's definitely a dude it looks like a gray blob Oh Oh how was this guy not dead oh my gosh I'm so bad God ah there we go ah thank God let's just blame it on the graphics yeah I can't really see no but that really that's alright well think about what what he's feeling here he has no idea that we're playing like this if he knew he would feel very I would love it if they showed a replay and shows it he's like jacked up our computer yeah it shows like our side we're back oh I see someone running here I actually feel like it's easier see people who are far away yeah I think it's just like less distractions but still how do you even see that Oh someone's building yeah saw someone go ugly near be careful there they gotta be like right here hi Oh Oh thought I hit him first did we get him we hit him ah we hit him we were close well I think that's about it oh my goodness that does it for this episode of potato mode if you guys have a game that you'd like to see potato fide much like this and what yeah if you guys have a game just make sure leaving in the comments or his up on Twitter oh yeah let's go see let's go through some of the dances alright these aren't bad they still operate they still work and then my my personal favorite of course what a way to go out alright well thank you Nick for joining me on dad my way out of this video yeah and we will see you guys next Friday sorry telling all the epileptics out there I had no idea this was gonna happen once we land I think we'll be fine let's look up at the sky okay that's that's a little bit better yeah all right don't look at that uh

We Turn Fortnite's Graphics Into An Absolute Mess | Potato Mode
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