Hello, welcome to the 2018 graduation requirements webinar. I’m Andrea Diehm. I am your host of this webinar snippet and what we’re going to talk about here is when the new graduation requirements will be implemented, so we’ll go through an implementation timeline. Right now, in this current school year, we’re in what’s called soft implementation of the new graduation requirements. So, what this means is that school districts have a choice on what they want to implement with graduation requirements in this current school year. That means they can: A) implement the new 2018 graduation requirements to all students, or B) they can continue with the previous 2009 graduation requirements for all students, or lastly, they can go with option “C” and implement both the 2009 and 2018 graduation requirements to all students. That means that maybe there are some students that would benefit more from the 2018 graduation requirements; whereas, other students are doing just fine with the 2009 graduation requirements. So, this is a soft implementation this current school year. Next school year, which would be the 2020 to 2021 school year, is full implementation of the new graduation requirements. So, that means statewide, every school district will be implementing the 2018 graduation requirements, which will mean that any advanced endorsements that students earn will be listed on the transcript. Another way to look at this would be thinking about this current school year’s juniors, or in other words, your fall 2020 graduates and spring 2021 graduates. They will for sure be on the new graduation requirements because that will be during the full implementation of them. That means that they will have to have their advanced endorsements that they earn listed on their transcript. So, you may be wondering how do we list advanced endorsements on the transcript. If your school utilizes Infinite Campus as a student information system, we have a Student Data Collections Desk Guide which provides information on how to input items on Infinite Campus. Page 73 of this guide will give instructions on how to add advanced endorsements onto the transcript. It will be on the graduation tab in Infinite Campus. If your school district uses a different student information system, that’s totally fine. Please check with your student information system contact to ask where or how they have in place for you to note the advanced endorsements that are earned on the transcript. Please keep in mind, once again, that it will not be required that every school district puts advanced endorsements on the transcript until full implementation, which will be the 2020-2021 school year; however, school districts are welcome to start putting advanced endorsements on the transcript at this current school year. I also get asked about when it is full implementation, will this be a staggered approach? Some of the previous versions of graduation requirements had a staggered approach, where only ninth graders were affected, for example. Because students that are on track to graduate with the 2009 graduation requirements are still on track to graduate with the 2018 graduation requirements, it will be a full-scale approach, so all students grades 9 through 12 will be impacted or part of the new graduation requirements.

Webinar Snippet: 2018 Graduation Requirements – Implementation
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