Leading on SmartConstruction, Komatsu
aims to guide all construction companies whether small or large
towards digital transformation. So, what is it? SmartConstruction is essentially the digital transformation of the construction process, the earthmoving process so, that’s by utilising internet of things,
IoT technology, to gather data, using software to analyse that data
to create information and using that information to optimise
and improve the process for the customer. When we go out to the jobsites to visit our customers, we’ve identified that there’s a huge potential
to transform construction, particularly earthmoving, to use technology to help the customers
to create a better jobsite be more efficient
in what they’re actually doing. That’s why we are looking
to do SmartConstruction in Europe. Digital transformation affects the whole of the process, As I said, we are looking at collecting
the raw data from the jobsite from which we can then create
useful information for the customer Be that about machine utilisation
or the number of machines, this kind of information. And then, most importantly Our Komatsu guys going with the
customer to the job site to help them make that optimisation. It will create a much better place to work, a much more efficient, safer job site, a much more up-to-date and modern
environment for people to work in and transform all of the processes
using the latest kind of technologies. Construction is a very conservative business. Studies show that the adoption
of technology in construction is very low in comparison with
other business segments. And that is for a number of reasons: Skills, finance,
availability of capital can be a problem. The main thing is really the skills and having the people to do that. So, the way Komatsu is helping is by actually assisting and guiding
the customer through that process.

What’s Smart Construction? Interview bauma 2019
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