I want to also say this is about climate. We just had a climate strip We just had so many young people take to the streets and say this is the issue of our time If you care about the green new TL if you care about climate change, if you are aware that this is the crisis, the existential crisis of our time, you have to be, for bike infrastructure in this city, you have to be an activist for this cause because the more people are outside of those automobiles and on bicycles and on their feet, the more we have a hope to actually save the climate, to save the planet for Greta and all of those young people If you claim to be an activist on the environment but you don’t get the connection between bike infrastructure, bike lanes and the ability of all of us to live, then you are not the environmentalist you say you are. This is connected!

Your Elected Officials Need to Unequivocally Support Bike Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change
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